13+ Books for Teens (and tweens)

books for teens

With a teen whose reading level has been in the high-school range way before she was a teen, it's been hard to find age-appropriate books that aren't ridiculously beneath her reading level and therefore, boring. When we do find books that pass muster, we have to share! These are all highly recommended by Kathryn (soon to be 14) from her recent … [Read more]

Is homeschooling a burden?

homeschooing is not frolicking through a field of daisies

Every day of homeschooling is delightful. We greet the day in pleasant moods, pray together, and after enjoying a healthy homemade breakfast, we all study together until it's time to frolic through a field of daisies … [continue reading]

Hands-on Kids’ Crafts from Kiwi Crate

kiwi crate hands-on kids crafts

Let's be real: even though I have an entire Pinterest board full of kids' crafts, sometimes (ok, lots of times), planning those projects and making sure we have all the supplies just does not happen. Although Kathryn has … [continue reading]

Living simply, chasing dreams

live simply | See Jamie blog

I have a hard time allowing myself the luxury of impractical thoughts. I squash them before they have the tiniest chance to ferment and grow into something. Until this summer, during all my time on the porch, I hadn't … [continue reading]

In my garden: lessons learned

lessons learned in my garden

Remember when I said this was the year I'd learn to garden? Things didn't go quite as planned -- but that hasn't stopped me from learning some important lessons in my garden this summer. Birds eat apples. So do … [continue reading]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS #icebucketchallenge

When I first heard about the ice bucket challenge, I didn't get the point. What the heck does pouring a bucket of ice on your head do to help those suffering from ALS? But then I saw how much money has been raised: as of … [continue reading]

An excuse to share pictures of my kids

silly students

I try to take pictures every year around the start of the homeschool year so I can look back and see how little - or big - the kids look from one year til the next. Since this week's NOT back-to-school theme is "student … [continue reading]