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10 Things About Me

Because my brain (and maybe yours) needs a little not-too-strenuous summer fun, and because I’m sure you’ve just been itching {ha!} to know weird and obscure facts about me, I now present:

10 facts you won’t find on my “About” page:

1) I love veggies.

As in, I’m ridiculously fond of them: Home grown tomatoes; grilled corn on the cob; fresh avocado with tortilla chips. I’m salivating just thinking about ’em! I’d take snap peas with hummus over chocolate cake [almost] any time, and always over most fruit. Possible exception: fresh-picked blueberries from my own blueberry bushes!

2) I make my bed first thing when I get up.

Every. Single. Day.
(Usually even before I go to the bathroom!)

3) I have a weird talent for finding four-leaf clovers.

My mom has always been able to do that, too. I see them even as I walk by, without specifically searching. I think this freakish talent is related to why clutter and messes makes me so crazy.
4-leaf clover

4) I wanted to be a bat.

When I was little I wanted to be a bat because they fly and they hang upside down, but they’re still mammals. For the record, I did specify being a fruit bat so I didn’t have to eat bugs or drink blood. (This one may weirdly be related to #5 below.)

5) I’m really popular — with mosquitoes.

Right in the middle of the day, during the brief time it took me to pick a spot to plant a hydrangea, I got more than a dozen mosquito bites. So I tried one of the companies advertising “mosquito-free yard” spray; the verdict is still out on how effective it’s been but I’m not playing the eaten-by-mosquitoes game any more this summer!

6) I have a lot of cousins.

Especially if you start counting second and third cousins. I’ve joked that just about everyone in Georgia is my cousin, and I think I’m only slightly exaggerating. It never occurred to me to be bothered or lonely growing up as an an only child because I had a steady supply of almost-siblings to play with. I’m blessed to still have most of them living close by and I see them more often than some people see their siblings.

7) I’m a biker.

Well, sort of. I am licensed to drive a motorcycle. I did own a motorcycle in my pre-parenting years. But I haven’t owned a motorcycle or even been riding in more than a decade — so maybe I’m a retired biker?

8) I learned to shoot a gun when I was two.

When I was born, we lived in a town slightly infamous for a law requiring residents to own a gun. That was never a problem for my dad. So he taught me to shoot at age two. Granted, my dad did have to hold the barrel of the 22 rifle I first used, but I was a darn good shot. It’s been a long time since I went shooting, but last time I went, I was still a darn good shot.

9) I was a movie star.

Ok, not really. But I have been an extra in a movie. It was super-cool to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into making movies.

10) I was in an NBA commercial.

Because I’m such an amazing basketball player. OK, again, not really. I was one of a swarm of swing-dancers in a commercial for the NBA featuring “Big Bad Voodoo Daddy” swing band.

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Tricia @ Hodgepodge

I’m with you on a few of these – I am especially blessed with a lot of cousin too 🙂 I think that besides being a movie star that you are a blog rock star too!


I love that you wanted to be a fruit bat! And I have siblings that I never see. I’m actually closer to my cousins and nieces.

Zephyr Hill

Wow, you are a lady of many hidden talents! I can’t say I’m fond of bats, sorry–I’ve literally had them dive at my head! Perhaps it was the cloud of mosquitoes around my head? Mosquitoes love me, too! I used to say it’s because I’m so sweet, but then I found out they actually prefer people with sour (acidic) blood. 😀 I killed a rattlesnake with a pistol once out in West Texas because my kids and I were alone on a remote ranch for 24 hours without my husband, and it was either kill the snake or be petrified… Read more »

Of all the things I could comment on (like the hummus and veggies), I’m going to choose the 4-leaf clover thing. Brianna is freakishly good at finding them, too. We used to joke about how lucky she must be. So there you go – you share a trait with my daughter. 🙂


Sadly, I’m quite popular with the mosquitoes too. Thankfully we haven’t had rain in months and I don’t think I’ve had any yet… I do notice that if I eat more bananas that they bite me less. Now that our monsoon season is approaching, I’ll have to up my banana quota again! 🙂


I can totally see garlic doing that. It seems to scare away every living thing! 🙂


I love veggies too and have been realizing I prefer them over sweets as well.

Unfortunately I am also popular with mosquitoes. My husband and I had our coffee outside one morning this weekend and I got eaten alive! I am a little freaked by all the diseases mosquitoes carry, too!

Oh and clutter drives me nuts. I can not think straight with clutter around!

Mama J@Mama, Hear Me Roar

I’m with you on the veggies! And, given #8, my 2 year old would love to meet you. In person.


Great to “meet” you!

Marriage Counseling Advice

Love this! I always think random fact posts are fun.


That was fun!! Me too on one and two- my hubby on #five. 🙂