10 Years: our anniversary

Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary.

Ten years might not sound like a lot, really. And it isn’t when compared to many of our friends’ marriages, even friends our own age. But Ken and I realize the statistics are not in favor of our marriage working: we both come from divorced parents, we’re a blended family, and it’s not the first marriage for either of us.

In the beginning of our journey together, it was all very scary. We know how easy it is to fall, to live on the other side of a failed marriage. What if we failed again?

A decade ago, we made the decision not to allow the odds to determine our future.

As the years go by, as we face challenges and joys and setbacks and milestones together, it gets less scary because we get stronger together.

jamie and ken, on vacation

This guy? He’s a keeper. Thankfully, he thinks I am, too.

For us, 10 years of marriage is a Very Big Deal.

These last ten years have been full, y’all. In that time, we:

  • bought a house
  • joined two little families into one
  • took our ever-changing family on a few vacations
  • celebrated holidays
  • celebrated graduations
  • added a teen to the family through adoption
  • took a trip to Africa
  • got a couple of dogs
  • watched our eldest get married
  • lost loved ones
  • did countless home improvement projects
  • added two MORE kids to the family through adoption
  • parented all ages, in a crazy mixed up order (& continue to do so!)
  • became expectant grandparents…

ten years of marriage in our blended adoptive family

All that?

Just the beginning.
I’m looking forward to the next ten years — and beyond.