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1st Blogographer Meet-Up

Today was the 1st ever Blogographer’s Meet-Up! And I learned some valuable lessons to apply before our next meet-up:

  1. Get REALLY specific about where to meet.
  2. Wear a neon sign on my head so everyone can find me.

Ken and I waited by the Marietta Welcome Center (and the Cool Bean Coffee Shop) from about 10am until about 11:30am, but never found any of the bloggers we expected to be there. Finally, we just went wandering around the Farmer’s Market.
Jamie on the Square
We bought yummy-smelling homemade soaps, some honey from the same man who did our honeybee presentation a few weeks ago, and had lunch at the Vineyard Cafe. I met some sweet greyhounds, and a very B-I-G dog named Navarre who had just finished his therapy-dog visits to a nursing home.

But still no bloggy friends. 🙁

But when I got home, I had an email checking to see if I was okay since they never found me. Fortunately, the did find a few other bloggy friends, and sent me a photo taken by one of the husbands:

Left to Right:  Shelley of Morrisketeers, Ellen of Blue Stocking Belle, Tricia of Hodgepodge and Kim of littlesanctuary.

I’m so sad I missed meeting you ladies!

So how ’bout this: since several folks who wanted to come had to cancel last minute, and since I was unintentionally incognito, let’s do this again soon. If you are in the area (or will be in the next couple of months), please send me an email with the upcoming Saturdays you are available for another meet-up, and we’ll do this again.

But next time, I’m applying those above-learned lessons!

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wow! Bummer! You missed Tricia Hodgepodge Mom???? Awful. (And all of the other lovely bloggers too. . . . .)

Tricia @Hodgepodge

We MUST do a second take! So sad to have missed you and your husband. Still, it was a glorious morning to be out, great to meet Ellen and Shelley, nice farmers market. So, thank you for getting me out of the house 🙂 Maybe see you on another beautiful Saturday!


So sorry to have missed you.

Joy Ellis

I am hoping to make it next time! Just didn’t work out this time for me. Bummer!


I agree with Tricia, most wholeheartedly! My homebody self probably would have wasted this beautiful morning doing some cleaning (or something else as bland) instead of getting outside if it weren’t for the meet-up!

Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

I hate that I didn’t get to come, but I think my sanity might survive next week since I was able to stay home and get caught up on some things here today. After Brian and Josh left to go work at Brian’s parent’s new house, Brianna asked if we could go out. Nope! I told her that I had committed to not leaving the house until my “to-do” list was done. I told her that she was welcome to help me on my list and, if we got finished, we’d go out. She apparently didn’t want to go that… Read more »

Tricia @Hodgepodge

Barb tagged me, now I’m tagging you 🙂 This is fun…’re_It!.html