1st Day of School Photos!

Since today is the first day of the school year in our home, I’ve taken the requisite “First-Day Photos” of everyone.

Lindsey is now a high school student! She was rather nervous last night, but her dad and I (and Kathryn!) are praying for her and I know she’ll do great. I just don’t want her to get overwhelmed. This is all new, but she has friends at the hybrid academy already, so they’ll make her feel at home. She’s even cute wearing the uniform. 🙂
I drive her, but once she loaded up all her gear, we decided that deserved a photo, too.
And Kathryn officially began fourth grade today! The level of work she does is not restricted to “fourth grade” but the state considers her a fourth-grader, and signing up for things like Sunday School at church require a grade, too. And it makes her happy. Apparently fourth grade is a much bigger deal than third grade.

(Note the pencil in hand.)

Standing in the school room, looking all academic. This morning she told me she likes how short the bus ride to school is. 😉


Oh, and we have one more student in the home. Lacy the WonderDog.


If she could just manage to hold a pencil, she could prove how great she is at math and how big her vocabulary is. Until then, she’ll continue to lament her lack of opposable thumbs.

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