1st Day of School Photos!

Since today is the first day of the school year in our home, I’ve taken the requisite “First-Day Photos” of everyone.

Lindsey is now a high school student! She was rather nervous last night, but her dad and I (and Kathryn!) are praying for her and I know she’ll do great. I just don’t want her to get overwhelmed. This is all new, but she has friends at the hybrid academy already, so they’ll make her feel at home. She’s even cute wearing the uniform. 🙂
I drive her, but once she loaded up all her gear, we decided that deserved a photo, too.
And Kathryn officially began fourth grade today! The level of work she does is not restricted to “fourth grade” but the state considers her a fourth-grader, and signing up for things like Sunday School at church require a grade, too. And it makes her happy. Apparently fourth grade is a much bigger deal than third grade.

(Note the pencil in hand.)

Standing in the school room, looking all academic. This morning she told me she likes how short the bus ride to school is. 😉


Oh, and we have one more student in the home. Lacy the WonderDog.


If she could just manage to hold a pencil, she could prove how great she is at math and how big her vocabulary is. Until then, she’ll continue to lament her lack of opposable thumbs.

(Link up your student photos in this week’s Not Back to School Blog Hop!)

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Oh, exciting, first day of school! They look all ready to go! 🙂 We have two weeks yet– which is good b/c I just finally got my math curriculum ordered! LOL


Great photos! I love the uniform, cute and modest. And YES! Everyone knows fourth grade is a MUCH bigger deal than third 😉 So cute!


Stopping by from the blog hop.
I love your school room! To have such space would be a dream…….
We just converted the smallest bedroom (which was always my favorite) into our learning lounge and it is a gathering spot for us since we spread out to all areas of the house for our lessons. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


What is a hybrid school? Your girls are beautiful and I love the bookshelves. LOL on the dog!


I’ve got a new fourth grader, too. Thanks for introducing us. Hope you have a wonderful school year!


Congrats to all!

That picture of the dog is hilarious!

Giggly Girls

Great pictures. Your last student looks like a very good scholar. =o)

Deanna Riccardelli

Loved all your pix! We start school tomorrow! I am ready for a bit of routine in our schedule.


Oh, all the excitement of the first day! Will look forward to that post on the hybrid school.

Have a wonderful year!

Jen B

What a cute family!! Even Lacy!! 🙂

Kimberly @christlikemommy

Beautiful girls you have! Following from the Hip Homeschool Moms Hop

Carol Flett

You always seem so well organized, right down to the first day of school photos. What a smart idea. We still haven’t made up our minds whether to start this Monday or wait a couple of weeks. It will all depend on my husbands health issues.

Carol Flett


Thanks for popping by! Your girls are adorable and so is the dog. So regal looking in that picture.

I know what you mean about ‘grade level’. Kei would be in 5th in PS, but we do all sorts of levels. At church they change in the 6th and she told me, “I am going to change too because I do 6th grade Math and Language”. LOL

Hope you have a glorious year!

Catherine Anne

You have beautiful children. I LOVE your school room~


What beautiful children you have! 😀 Hope you have a blessed school year!