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A happy December

Ah, December. It’s been a good month, and an appropriate finale to our 2015.

family 2015

As a special fun day, I took the girls to see The Nutcracker ballet in Wilmington. We all enjoyed it, and I think Scout could’ve just floated away with delight. She had never been to anything like that, and I don’t think she’s ever sat that still for that long.

Life as a parent summed up in one photo. #photobomb

While we were at the ballet, Ken took Jem to tour the USS North Carolina battleship nearby. He absolutely loved it. Ken said almost no one was there so they had the whole ship to themselves, and our wannabe-sailor took his turn at the helm quite seriously.

on the battleship

Our happiest surprise was my mom coming to town for Christmas week. Actually, it was only a surprise to me and the little kids; Ken and Kathryn were in on the plan!

mom and the kids at the beach

Christmas Day 2015

Our boy said this Christmas was “the best day EVER” and we have to agree. Even though the weather was foggy and muggy, and we were away from many of our loved ones, we all agreed it was one of the very best Christmases any of us can remember.

We kept gifts simple: besides a few mostly practical smaller gifts (pj’s, slippers, books, etc.) each child got one “big” outdoor gift. We gave Kathryn the new Penny skateboard she’s been wanting, Scout a pair of skates (and knee/elbow pads!), and Jem a shiny red bicycle!

kids on wheels

Kathryn penny board

My mom spent the morning with us, and headed home that afternoon. We relaxed, ate good food, watched a little HGTV, and had plenty of time to play.

Though the week had been rainy, Christmas day was merely foggy, so we were able to get outside and let the kids enjoy their new wheels. Scout graduated from training wheels the on her bicycle the week before; since Jem had practiced on hers, he got his training wheels off by the end of Christmas day! We all biked to the beach, ran around, played with Jem’s new Nerf football. Ken took the kids out biking again later while I curled up at home for a little introverting. We all went to bed happily exhausted.

. . . . . . .

We took the month of December off from homeschooling to focus on family, to re-establish routines, and so this mama could get on the right track to peace and wellness. I’ve gotten back into an exercise routine, and although we don’t get outside every day, we are moving towards my goal of a more active outdoor lifestyle in our new home. It’s good for all of us, mentally and physically. And I’m starting to train for my first 10k; more on that later!

Happy New Year, my friends!

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Thanks for sharing. You are such an inspiration! Happy New Years!!


It looks and sounds idyllic. Love the photo of Kathryn on the skateboard.


First, oh my goodness K’s wearing makeup… I’ve been reading the blog for a few years now, and shes like 7. In my head she’s 7. lol!

Second, S and J!! In that family picture they are the SPITTING IMAGE of you two!!

Looks like an amazing Christmas!