A week of birds, birds, birds!

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Our hummingbirds are back! Last weekend I hung a feeder and bought a colorful hanging plant for the back porch, trying to give the hummers a better chance of finding the feeder. The next morning, I got buzzed when I took Lacy outside, and this week I’ve seen them coming and going, even while I’m out on the porch. I know we have both males and females already. When I see them coming more frequently, or males starting their fighting, I’ll hang another feeder, too.

Pigs really do fly. Our bird feeder is evidence of this fact. Our piggy birdies eat every bit of seed in our feeder in just a few days. The house finches have been back in full force; one day we counted at least seven on the feeder at once.

Birds we’ve seen at our feeder this month include:

  • house finches
  • cardinals
  • eastern towhees (they sing, “Drink your tea!” so I love them especially!)
  • goldfinches, now wearing their bright summer coats
  • downy woodpeckers and red-bellied woodpeckers
  • chickadees and titmice (or is it titmouses?)
  • chipping sparrows
  • white-breasted nuthatches


One little nuthatch had a bit TOO close of an encounter with the bird feeder. Ken re-filled it yesterday {again!}, and found a nuthatch inside the feeder — a little too eager to get at the seed! It was okay, and must not have been there long, but I’m glad we didn’t wait days to refill it or the little thing might’ve died in there.

Didn’t Kathryn do a lovely job on her nature notebook page this week?

Goldfinch Journal Page

I said I wouldn’t allow any games on my iPad (because it’s mine, all mine!) but I did make a few exceptions for educational games. Kathryn loooooves Stack the States, a geography game I found by recommendation from Tricia (aka HodgePodge Mom).

This week we finished up all of our history readings for the school year, including The Story of Inventions by Frank Bachman. Our last two chapters were on the invention of the computer, and the history of space travel. I loved this quote by Dr. Wernher von Braun, the scientist who headed up the development of the U.S. space program:

In our modern world, people seem to feel that science has somehow made “religious ideas” seem old-fashioned. Nevertheless, I think science has a real surprise for the skeptics. Science, for instance, tells us that nothing in nature, not even the tiniest particle, can disappear without a trace. Think about that for a moment. Nature does not know extinction, only change. Now if God applies this fundamental principle to the most tiny and humble parts of the universe, does it not make sense to assume that He also applies it to the masterpiece of His creation — the human soul?


Guess what? We have completed our 180 required days of school! Kathryn keeps trying to tell me that means she’s a middle-schooler now {breathe in, breathe out}, but I’m totally in denial and told her she’s absolutely not a 6th grader til we start the new school year.

We will keep on at a very relaxed “unofficial” pace through the summer to finish up math, and do the few remaining states in our U.S. States notebook. But for Lindsey, I need to get BUSY making plans for her homeschool year, because we’ll have to start it this summer in order to do all that she needs to get done.

Our church only does GA’s (Girls in Action) through 5th grade, so Wednesday was Kathryn’s last night ever! The 5th graders get charms instead of badges, so they received the charms they earned for the year and celebrated with ice cream sundaes.

Week 051112PHOTOS IN COLLAGE: 1) Ready for hummingbirds; 2) Geography on the iPad; 3) GA’s charms in lieu of badges; 4) I take too many photos of Lacy sleeping; 5) helping Brandon and Diane address and seal wedding invitations; 6) Kathryn working at the soup kitchen.

I’M INSPIRED BY… serving again at the soup kitchen. There is some craziness in my life right now, and this is a reality check I need. I hope as we continue working there, we’ll find ways to be more useful and figure out more specific ways we might serve or bless the people who come for a meal. Want more inspiration? Read some of the posts from the Compassion bloggers who have been in Tanzania all week.

I have a new ‘do. I like my hair LONG or SHORT (not at all in-between), and since it takes entirely too long to get it long, I decided to just go short again. Really short. 😉

(Reminded why I don’t like self-portraits: lens angle makes my nose look HUGE!)
New Do

—> HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, all you sweet mama-friends! {hugs}

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It’s still a really cute picture. 😀
My parents have bird feeders outside their dining room windows, too. I LOVE watching them…kind of miss it now since Joshua and I don’t have any feeders, but we do have birds on the roof outside all the time. 🙂
Sounds like you had a great week, school-wise. Tell Kathryn way to go on the bird page. Great colors, and her handwriting looks good!


Wow, your feeders are awesome and I love that you are able to observe all of those different birds! Your daughter’s page is really impressive! Way to go, Kathryn! 🙂 It is awesome that you are teaching your daughter about service and having a servant’s heart by working in the soup kitchen. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Many blessings! Lisa

Jessy at Our Side of the Mountain

Love the ‘do! I’ve been seeing more and more Moms with a super short ‘do lately! My hair is almost to my waist – after “trimming” off 6 inches – so super short would be super strange for me! LOL I’m so tempted though because it has to be easier getting through in the morning! What a great bird habitat! Sadly, we found out that wild birds carry a germ that doesn’t make them sick, but will kill domestic chickens in just a few months. So, when spring arrived we “shut down” our feeders and most of the birds have… Read more »

Kathryn did a great job on her nature journal page! I love that picture of Lacy…cracks me up. I like my hair a certain length, too, and I’ve finally decided exactly what that is, which means I rarely have more than an inch or two cut at a time. Brian doesn’t understand why I pay money for a haircut that barely looks like I had it cut. I know I had it cut. 😉


What a nice picture of you, Jamie…. I like your short hair!
I can’t believe how many birds are at your feeder – great picture and thank you for the identification.

Have a great weekend!

Emmalee Hoggatt @ The Hoggatt Homeschool

Love the birds. Our hummers haven’t made their debut yet. We are not so patiently waiting! Haha stopping by from Hoggatt Homeschool via HSMJ link up

kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing

I love the new do- 🙂 I just cut mine- bobbed just at/below the shoulders – of course- I am still wearing it in a pony tail – it’s already so hot here! (for real – like almost 100 today) Please tell Kathryn that I am planning to use her as an example for my “writing challenged” boys! they act like I’m torturing them to get them to write

Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home

I cut my hair this week, too, but not as short. Mine doesn’t behave too well; I tried it last summer. I’m impressed that you know the names of all of the birds. My kids will love the story of your bird rescue. We should try a nature notebook like you’re doing—great educational tool and a lovely keepsake, too!

Eddie - The Usual Mayhem

Jamie, your new ‘do looks great! I always loved short cuts.

M will be 6th grade this fall too and I’m finding it surprisingly traumatic – her in QC it’s the last elementary year before high school. We’ll officially have our 180 days this coming Tuesday and then I’m going with denial until September.


Oh what a fun week! I love all your birds! And Kathryn’s notebooking page – beautiful! AND your fabulous do! A new haircut just means the start of summer to me.


Some great photos, Jamie! I, of course, love the bird photo. We see the same birds you do (quelle surprise!), except the woodpeckers have been strangely absent, despite the suet I’ve hung. Was the nuthatch that got trapped one of the tiny brown-headed ones? They are so cute; we don’t see them as often as the white-breasted, black-capped ones, which I see right now at the suet. I’ve never had much luck with hummers here in GA, so I’m envious! Tiny Girl is finishing up fifth grade, too! Ack! Love the short hair on you. It suits your face shape.… Read more »

Becca @one homeschool journey

Love that quote. I never understand why people think science disproves God. Thank you for praying for my husband’s heart.

Giggly Girls

Her drawing in her journal is just fabulous!! Wow!!

We finished our history readings for the year too. And I can so relate to having a middle schooler. That’s where we’re headed next school year. Sniff….

Popping in from the WWU

Kirsten @ Homeschool Discoveries

How fun that you have so many birds at your feeder! We see mostly sparrows and robins in our yard, but we have a pair of cardinals that I think must nest nearby every year because I have seen them every spring we have lived in our current house.


Your photo looks beautiful! Love the new ‘do
We love to watch the birds at our house too, haven’t seen any chipmunks though. We had a bird get stuck too, and my husband had to get it out!
Have a great week…keep taking photos of the Lacy- she’s cute (even when sleeping:)

Ameria Beckett

You are really rocking that short hair girl, and I must say that I love what you are doing. I really watching birds in my backyard especially the hummingbirds. They are so cute.

Amber @ Classic Housewife

I love, love, love birds! Especially hummingbirds. My feeder broke last year. I haven’t purchased a new one yet – I need to! I need to get those hummingbirds coming back! We only have a small variety of birds at our feeders, cardinals, sparrows, doves, the occasional blue jay. On the other side of town my mom has a huge variety of finches and titmouse and other things. = \ We pretty much only have cedar/juniper trees out here I think that limits the birds we get. = (
The journal page is awesome and your hair cut is adorable!


Love all the birds!! I was just thinking I need to get my hummingbird feeder in to action. And that notebook page is amazing.