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about JamieAt 42, my life doesn’t look anything like I imagined. Unexpected plot twists have brought laughter and tears, joy and heartbreak — but they’ve all worked together to bring me to where I am now.

When Ken and I married, we each brought one child to the mix and had no plans to expand our little family. Several years later, however, we adopted a teen; four years after that, we added two MORE kids to the family. {More about our our adoptions.}

Now, our kids range in age from six years old to married adult, plus two rescued mutts and a brand new grandbaby!

I homeschool the three kids still at home; though we’re somewhat eclectic in our approach to education, we’ve found our best learning tends to be interest-led.

I’m a quiet-loving introvert in a loud world. I get lost in good books, drink copious quantities of hot tea, and find myself cheered by pretty things, happy colors, and clutter-free spaces. This year, I’ve taken on a new venture as a fitness trainer. You’ll find me writing about homeschooling, adoption, my blended family, books and DIY projects, healthy living, quirky personalities…

In it all, I hope you’ll find encouragement to live real and love hard.

I want to live the heck out of each day and love the people God has put in my life, even when it’s hard. To embrace simplicity; to seek connection in the relationships that really matter; to feed my soul, nourish my mind, and strengthen my body; to be brave enough to be vulnerable; and to dream of big things while loving the moments that make up the days.

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As always, I’m delighted you’re here, and just a little bit sad I haven’t figured out how to offer you a cup of tea through the wonders of the interweb.

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