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JamieWhen Ken and I married ten years ago, we each brought one child to the marriage. We had no plans for a bigger family — but eventually, our hearts grew three sizes (like the Grinch!) and we added three more kids to our family through two adoptions several years apart.

Now, our kids range in age from married adult to kindergartener (plus two rescued mutts), and I homeschool the three kids still at home. Our best learning tends to be interest-led so we devote most of our “school” time to those sorts of pursuits.

I’m a quiet-loving introvert in a loud world. I get lost in good books and someday I hope to write a few. I like to surround myself with pretty things and happy colors. I’m totally addicted to tea. You’ll find me writing about family, adoption, homeschooling, books and projects and personalities…

Above all, what I hope you’ll find here is encouragement to live today.

I want to live the heck out of each day, but I often fail miserably at doing so. However, the rewards are great enough to keep on trying. To embrace simplicity; to seek connection in the relationships that really matter; to feed my soul; to be brave enough to be vulnerable; and to dream of big things while loving the moments that make up the days.

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I may not be able to chat over a cup of tea in real life, but I invite you to stick around a while and join me in the journey.

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