Additional Adoption Resources

Have I overwhelmed you with information over the past two weeks? I’ve included a link list near the end of this post with all the posts in my series, so you can catch up if you missed anything, or to come back and re-read if you want to digest some of the info before moving onto the next topic!

I asked adoptive families to suggest resources for further information. Some of these books and resources are ideal for families just considering adoption, and some are fabulous for families who have already adopted and may need post-adoptive support.

Adoption Resources

Recommended adoption resources:

One mom says she always recommends Loving Shepherd Ministries because their online process to help a family deal with the information overload and narrow their options is “just amazing.

Several families recommended Focus on the Family resources.

I agree with the moms who say they found great encouragement and knowledge from other adoptive family’s blogs! There are SO many great bloggers out there willing to share their hearts and their experiences. Do you have recommendations? Please leave them in the comments!
After hearing so much about Christine Moers YouTube videos, I watched them myself and she’s great. Highly recommended.

I also encourage you to pin/bookmark An Adoptive Mother’s Prayers or download the free pdf version for your personal use.

I’ve collected a list of recommended books. I have only read a few of these, but my “To Read” list has grown substantially! To make these books easier to find quickly, I’ve created an online list; as I find more recommendations, or read more myself, I’ll add them here: Adoption Resources. A few of the books below may be out of print but look for used copies; I’ve included direct links where I could.

Recommended books about adoption:

Just because I’m done with this 10 Days series doesn’t mean I’m done with the topic of adoption! Writing this while in the process of adopting for the second time has been good timing for me, and I’ll be sharing more about that as we go along. It’s already so different this time than it was when we adopted Lindsey. Doing this series has made me think of even more I’d like to write about in regards to adoption. So keep coming back, friends! (Or go ahead and subscribe!)

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Kara @ The Chuppies

I kind of checked out this whole last week from online-much-of-anything…need to go back through and read…I was WAITING for this series!!! Thanks for posting the links like this…will wander by through.
We really appreciated Russell Moore’s “Adopted for Life” and “Reclaining Adoption” edited? by Dan Cruver.
My favorite children’s book is “God Found Us You”…
And we are constantly going back to so many of the Desiring God articles/posts on adoption (authored by Piper, Justin Taylor, Kovacs)…on the Desiring God website with and “adoption” search.

Emily Woodhouse

If you’re looking for a lot of good thoughts on parenting, teaching, and children then ‘Spiritual Parenting’ is incredible. I’ve never underlined so many thought provoking passages. It is particularly strong on the value of teaching children. It’s a great source of quotes.


Before I forget, I love your new header!! So cute and sassy 🙂 This is a great list of resources and I’m glad you included many books about attachment. I have been reading heavily on that topic lately! I have recently been reading info from Beyond Consequences and it has been very helpful. We have also been watching a video series from Dr. Bryan Post that has been very helpful, I think his website is Jamie, thanks for putting together such a great series, I know it takes a great deal of time and energy. I appreciate your hard… Read more »


I want to post our adoption websites on Pinterest, but I don’t have a blog (although I’m thinking about doing one) and I’m not sure how to post stuff on a Pinterest wall. My husband has Facebook and signed up for Pinterest, but we need help. Could you help me?

Have a great day!

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