Adoption: greatest hits collection

In honor of National Adoption Month, I’m resharing some of my previous posts on the topic. If you’re a longtime reader, you already know this is an issue close to my heart. If you’re new, or if you (like me) tend toward a little motherhood-induced amnesia occasionally, I’ll tell our story in a nutshell before we move on.

The super-condensed version of our adoption story:

In 2009, we adopted almost 15-year-old Lindsey from foster care, making her the third (and middle) child in our blended family. Four years later we adopted again, but this time, it was two at once: a biological brother (age 4) and sister (age 5) who had already spent two years in foster care even at that relatively young age.

Since becoming an adoptive mom, I’ve developed a passion for encouraging other adoptive families, and helping educate anyone who might be considering adoption or foster care. Now that we’re 7+ years down the road, my glasses are decidedly not rose-colored anymore. Most adoption stories aren’t full of rainbows and unicorns, and that includes ours.

Adoption rocks, but I refuse to candy-coat it.

{irrelevant but humorous photo because adoption requires a sense of humor}
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Unicorn-free adoption posts:

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I’ve also collected a series of personal adoption stories from adoptive parents in all sorts of adoptions, plus a few from adoptees and birth mothers as well. Worth your time to read at least a few.

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