About our adoptions

In 2009, we adopted a teen from foster care; Lindsey became the third child in our blended family. Since then, I’ve become passionate about encouraging other adoptive families, and helping educate those considering adoption or foster care. We’ve spoken at training conferences and events, done radio and television interviews, and shared our story in a national magazine.

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Our Family: December 2009

Four years later, we adopted again. Our new additions to the family were a biological brother and sister who had already spent two years in foster care at the relatively young ages of 4 and 5.

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This is a no-unicorn zone.

no unicorns in adoption

Parenting isn’t easy, even with biological raised-from-birth kids with no trauma background — but adopting non-infants does add complicated layers to the equation. I’ve always done my best to give a realistic picture of what adoption is like. I believe romanticized expectations are often what cause disrupted adoptions, so you’ll never get rainbows and unicorns here.

Although I no longer write new content on adoption, you’ll find plenty in my archives.

A few of my most popular adoption posts:

I’m honored to have been listed as a “Top 100 Adoption Blog” and as one of Healthline’s “Best Adoptive Mom Blogs” for five consecutive years.