Adoption Stories by Amy

(Thank you to Amy for today’s guest post — the first in what I hope will be a long series of guest posts from adoptive parents willing to share their stories! )

I love your idea about sharing positive adoption stories. I got to sit next to you at the tea last month at church and tell a little bit about my little family. Hopefully this will encourage some more of your blog readers to consider if God is calling them to adopt.  We have two adopted children.  Our son was adopted from Russia at 23 months and our daughter was adopted from China at 40 months old. Adoption stories - part one

Both were special needs adoptions although we did not request special needs for our first adoption.  God knew that our son was perfect for our family even though he was not considered “perfect” since he was born with a cleft lip/cleft palate.  His first few years with us were tough with surgeries and intensive speech therapy, but it was all worth it.  Today, you would never know or suspect he’s had five surgeries and five years of speech therapy.  He has been home with us for seven years in July.  Our daughter has also had an amazing transition into our family.  She has a testimony that will knock your socks off.  She was born with spina bifida, but does not have any complications so far.  She spent two years in a foster home with a Christian foster mother named Grace.  She was taught the same songs and Bible stories that our children learn in Sunday School.  Her Chinese nickname was Meung Meung and means “Little Seed.”

I always think of the verse 1 Corinthians 3:6 “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.”  I think of the seeds that Grace planted in my daughter’s life and the watering I get to do now.

It will be God who will continue to grow her in His word.  In fact, the children’s Bible I bought our daughter in Beijing which is in both Mandarin and English turned out to be the same children’s Bible that Grace read to her in the foster home.  God is amazing!

A Very Grateful Mom,


Do you have a positive adoption story of your own to share? If so, contact me!

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I love that you featured Amy in your post today! Amy and her husband are wonderful parents and their two children are just adorable.


Jamie, what a great idea to share adoption stories! I love how God is using you to promote adoption.

Amy, what a wonderful story. Thanks so much for sharing.


I love adoption stories. If God ever sees fit to add to our family again, I pray it will be through adoption. Thanks for sharing your story, Amy.


Jamie, What a great idea! I love reading about others’ adoption stories…and hope to have our own to share someday!! (We are *just* starting the process through our state’s foster-adopt program.)

Amy, Thanks for sharing your story! It was a blessing to read!


I just love to read adoption stories!!! So glad you will be featuring these. I’ll be excited to read them.

Heather of the EO

And I loved the verse you shared. Perfect.

Inspiring, Amy. Thank you.