Adoption Story by Drew {Guest Post}

(Yay! I’m so excited about this post because it brings a new perspective from our previous stories! We met Drew and his brothers a few years ago, and liked them all immediately. We even had the [amusing!] pleasure of having all three brothers in a ballroom dance class for teens. 😉 When I contacted him, I wasn’t sure if he’d be willing to tell his story, but I’m so glad he did. Thank you, Drew, for sharing your story – and your heart.)

So I don’t normally do this. I’m a quiet person to start with, and sharing personal things has always been a weak point of mine, but when I was asked to do this I couldn’t say no. Whether I like it or not, being adopted has influenced and helped make decisions for my life.

My story doesn’t even begin with me but with my adoptive parents. Who up to that point in 1990 couldn’t have children. They went through the process of adopting, which led to the contact of our now dear family friend Paco. It was surely a God thing for them all to meet, because Paco had a young 16 year old girl from Mexico who was pregnant and almost at that time to give birth.

My biological father (whoever he was) ran out on the girl when he found out she was pregnant. I don’t know what led my biological mom, 16 and alone, to choose life for me. She must have had been an extraordinary woman to go through with that.

But on May 18, 1990, I was born. My adoptive parents were already there in Mexico and waiting, and within the week were taking me back to Georgia. My parents have always been kind of vague about the whole process, but at the same time I never asked, because to me this has always been and always will be my family.
I’m 20 now, and I’m blessed with three other brothers and a sister. It’s as if as soon as I was adopted, the womb was opened for my mom. Growing up in this family has been the biggest blessing of my life. It’s only been recently in the past year or two that I’ve truly realized that, and it only shows that blessing are only noticed when we let ourselves become aware of them. For the longest time I dealt with insecurity and even shame of being adopted, and lashed out any way I could. I felt betrayed by my biological parents, and felt I had no worth since they seemed to so easily give me up. And because I didn’t know them, I always wondered — and still kind of wonder — what part of me is me, and what part is from them.

But as I said, I am BLESSED. About two years ago, when I turned 18 my life took a turn for the better. My relationship with God expanded and has continued to grow into something beyond what I deserve from Him. I see no difference between myself and my family, and the friends I have are the best. I just completed my first quarter at college and have been working at the same job for almost five years now. And for almost two years now, I have been playing drums regularly for my church.

The reason I share all this is to show that God is good and always has our best interest at heart. We may not realize it, or we may choose to ignore it, but He is faithful, and whether we choose to acknowledge it, He is always looking out for us.

As was my case, I chose to ignore the blessings that were so obviously in front of me, but as I’ve let God direct me, I know that I am blessed and that I’m continually blessed. I know God has placed me in this family for a reason and I’m excited to see where He will lead me.

My family isn’t perfect, no family is. But there’s love and we’re constantly trying to build each other up. Our parents provide and give us the best they can to make life amazing, and they are the best parents I could ask for. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.


Do you have a positive adoption story of your own to share? If so, contact me!