Almost Christmas {weekly wrap-up}

Monday was Lindsey’s “Worley-versary! We celebrated with dinner out. It’s still strange how long ago that feels, yet it’s only been three years.

text conversation

I’ve been whittling down the number of apps I use, and with all the Instagram drama this week, I almost deleted my account. I didn’t — at least for now — but I’ll continue working on prioritizing my online time. Life may soon take a turn for the busier (how’s THAT for a teaser I’ll address some other time!?! ) so I really want to use most of my online time for writing, and back off other online places.

On the school front:

We are still working but on a much lighter schedule this month. Kathryn spent last week at her dad’s for Hanukkah, and we’ll all be taking next week off for Christmas. This week, we’ve been doing some history and science reading, and Kathryn has been learning counted cross-stitch.

learning counted cross-stitch
We’ve had a few math lessons here and there, Kathryn wrote a biography on Albert Einstein, and she’s had rehearsals for a Purim play coming up in February. Plus, Ken has been helping her work through more KidCoder computer programming; I’ll be reviewing this in a few weeks, so stay tuned for details and a giveaway!

Lindsey has been thinking and praying about what to do after she finishes high school. This week she toured several local cosmetology schools, trying to decide if that’s the direction she wants to go. She told us she doesn’t think she’s ready to be on her own; I told her it was very mature of her to realize that. And of course, we are glad to hear that she plans to stay here at home with us a few more years! That’s a VERY BIG deal because all her years in foster care had deeply ingrained in her mind the idea that 18 years old means you age out and you’re on your own.

Ho ho holidays!

Last Sunday was the first of our family Christmas gatherings, this one with Ken’s dad and extended family. When Ken’s adorable grandparents were leaving, MawMaw protested us giving them a gift since there are just too many of us for them to give gifts to now. I told her we didn’t do it because we had to, or because we wanted anything in return — and I got all emotional when I told we did it because we love them, and with my Granmama’s recent passing, they are the only grandparents I have now. She hugged me hard and had tears in her eyes, too. I’m very thankful these sweet people are in my life.

MawMaw and Papa

We shopped for an Angel Tree gift and delivered it on Wednesday. It wasn’t what we expected. I knew this ministry is intended to bless prisoners and their children, giving gifts on behalf of the incarcerated parent. But I suppose I misunderstood and assumed it would be for needy families, so when the neighborhood was nicer than ours, and the mom drove a Mini Cooper, we all left feeling a little disenchanted.

In addition to our upcoming holiday festivities, we’ll be working on putting up a new fence this weekend and next week! Ho ho ho! Lacy the WonderDog will be happiest of all; since we tore down the old fence, she hasn’t had a good running-around spell, and she’s not happy about that. Once the new fence is up, she’ll have twice as much space to run! 😉

Happy Christmas, y’all!

peaceful Christmas
Cherish this holly, jolly, sometimes downright crazy time with family and friends, and I’ll be back in January!

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Wow – I had no idea about the Angel Tree gifts! Interesting…? I’m impressed by how much schoolwork you’ve managed to do this week. Hope you soak up every bit of family time this holiday. Have a Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year! Looking forward to the exciting news from your teaser!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Love the cross-stitch! She is doing a great job….love the colors. Hug those grandparents tight…miss mine all the time.


Wow, it doesn’t seem possible that Lindsey is already looking at graduation and college….where has the time gone? Kudos to Kahtryn on her cross stitch project…..those things stress me out way too much!

Merry Christmas!

Kayla Arrowood

Love the cross stitching!


I understand the “disenchanted” feeling…I had about the same experience today as I delivered meals on wheels to new clients on my route. I just try to think and pray that God knows what each person needs and that includes ME – needing to be give in His name not because I think they deserve or don’t deserve it. Thanks for all of your posts…I enjoy following you and New Nostalgia,


Sad to hear you had a disenchanting experience via the Angel Tree programme. For the past few years we’ve sponsored a family via a local charity, providing food and gifts. It’s our favourite, most rewarding Christmas tradition. Mind you we haven’t had the chance to be disenchanted since we never get to meet the recipients. We just receive non-identifying information and then deliver the hamper to the charity for the recipient family to collect..

Eddie - The Usual Mayhem

Wow, the neighbourhood and car would have been a real shocker. But the reality of it doesn’t change the good intentions you did it with!

So happy for you that your daughter wants to stay longer. My oldest does too, and I’m so happy about it!

Merry Christmas!

Phyllis at All Things Beautiful

Merry Christmas! My Katie is interested in learning counted cross stitch, too. Your Kathryn’s turned out beautifully!


Your teaser tells me you may have 2 lines.

Zephyr Hill

I’m guessing a new member of the family . . .

Just wanted to wish you a Blessed Christmas!

Robin C.

Merry Christmas Jamie! Oh, I hope your busy season includes more sweethearts to love. 🙂 Your post on blogging (and replying) has stayed with me as I read every post you write and do enjoy your honest yet hope-filled words. Being a Reader and not a Writer, I have joked with my blogger friend that I guess I can always reply, “read it!” but that is not much for feedback, I guess. Heehee!
Grace and Peace to you.

Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle

Isn’t it beautiful that 18 doesn’t mean out and on your own when you have your own family to love you? How blessed you all are to have each other.

Merry Christmas, Jamie, to you and ALL yours!


Thanks for your honesty on the Angel Tree, we had a similar experience with a different donation-type gift. I am so glad to hear that Lindsay knows she has a place to stay beyond the age of 18. That is huge. I had tears in my eyes reading that. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to think you could be out on your own at 18! My husband comes from a very unstable, dysfunctional family and was on his own since he was 17–fortunately, he had some very good friends who helped him out a lot and… Read more »


I hope your Christmas was special. Happy New Year!