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Antique Desk Makeover

I love what paint can do for an old piece of furniture!

Lindsey has a desk in her room, and Kathryn has been wanting a desk in her room, too. I think she’ll use it often — for letter-writing, occasionally doing some of her schoolwork, and so on.

When I bought this 1941 vanity table, it had already been painted black, so it wasn’t original. I liked it’s shape, and I used it as my computer desk for quite a while (before I bought a new one that served my purposes better). I thought it would be adorable in Kathryn’s room because it suits her style, and it’s a nice petite size.


But black does not go with Kathryn’s all-white bedroom, so a little makeover was in order. (Another of my spring break week projects!)

desk makeover in process

This week we cleaned and organized Kathryn’s room (I can’t seem to stop organizing and cleaning!) so we could make space in her room for the desk. She is positively pleased!


Re-purposing something I already have into something that is even more perfect is so fun — and frugal! Anytime I get the itch to redecorate, I start looking around the house to see if I can just move something from one room to another, use something for a different purpose than I’m currently using it for, or slap on a coat of paint to transform it! Seriously fun!

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oh it was gorgeous to begin with, but the white is stunning. i’ve repainted a large dresser like that all white before, and i know how much work goes into it. well done. the hardware also looks wonderful against the white.

Homeschool on the Croft

What a gorgeous piece of furniture! I love the way you say, ‘Oh I can’t stop cleaning and organizing’…… Uh, you don’t fancy a week in my house – free board, but LOTS of cleaning and organizing!!!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Love the new look of the desk…totally fits a young girl’s bedroom. You have been so busy!


It is amazing what a little paint will do! I love the new look!


Looking around for something in the house I can move or paint is something I do, too! I just rearranged my living room and pulled a console table that was serving as a kitchen island into the living room to ground the “floating” collage of family pictures on a large wall! …now if I can just find another kitchen island in the house…..

Beautiful work on the desk! Love it! I loved it in black, too 🙂 You have a good eye!


I love it! It came out great….love re-purposing existing furniture!

Charlotte Mason in the City

It looks completely different! I love before and after photos – thanks for posting them. Nice work.

Tricia @Hodgepodge

Beautiful! And I do love frugal 🙂 and fun!


Extremely pleased to see the new look of the room..In fact I liked the way you refurbished the antique vanity table and matched it with the room style. I just can’t imagine it was an antique piece. lalique art deco