Baby Greyson: coming soon!

Just as with Lindsey’s first pregnancy, this little fellow tried to arrive early and needed medical intervention to help him stay put so he could “bake” a little longer. She has finally reached the minimum goal of 36 weeks, so we’ve all breathed a sigh of relief.

fall maternity photo

Before baby Greyson arrives, Lindsey wanted photos to celebrate her pregnancy with him, so we went to a nearby park for a mini maternity session. She’s been in full-on nesting mode for weeks, so now that these photos are checked off the list, she is eager to meet him. She has loved being pregnant (and it looks good on her!) but she says after being pregnant for nearly two years, she’s ready for him to come out!

Lindsey belly collage

Although I set aside my camera professionally a few years ago, I enjoy special reasons like this to bring it back out. The last time I had out my camera for photographing something other than blog stuff was Lindsey’s wedding. The next time will likely be for Greyson’s newborn photos.

This curly-headed little butterbean is about to become big sis — and is less than a month away from her first birthday!!! When bigger sis Annabelle is here next, we’ll make sure to do family photos with the whole beautiful family.

Lindsey and Khloe

Can you believe this will be my fifth grandbaby?!

Motherhood isn’t easy, and there are definitely peaks and valleys and stretches that feel like an endurance race — but this right here is one of those peaks and I’m pausing to catch my breath and appreciate it.