Back-to-School Student Photos

Last week I started our homeschool year with Kathryn. She is rapidly approaching eleven years of age. When did that happen?

Kathryn - back to school
Kathryn – 5th grade

And of course, Lacy the WonderDog is always part of our homeschool days. Sadly, most places frown upon us bringing her on field trips. Which, as I think about it, could be really doggone interesting. (Hee hee. Doggone. I crack myself up.)

Lacy in schoolroomLacy – smartest dog ever

Yesterday, my sixteen-year-old Lindsey started school. Public school. I sent her off on the big yellow bus. First time in my life. Not the first time in her life, though. It’s part of our complicated story, but she was in public school all her life up until we adopted her two years ago. Now she’s back in public school. Part of the whys, in case you’re relatively new to my blog: You’re a Teacher?

Lindsey - back to school
Lindsey – first day

And my stepson Brandon? He’s still attending a local university, living in an apartment near campus — so I haven’t snagged him for a back-to-school photo. However, he and his fianceé are busy planning their wedding, and we’ll be shooting their engagement photos in just a couple of weeks!

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