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Beach Activities for Kids

We have BEACH on the brain right now as we count down the days until our next trip. One thing I love about our vacations is the laid-back vibe, and I never like to have too much planned. I think the kids could build sand castles and chase waves ALL.DAY.LONG and be perfectly happy, but I do like to have a few other activities in mind as well.

Beach activities for kids

Beach activities for kids:

1 – Have a scavenger hunt.
Keep them busy with a beach-themed scavenger hunt; with this printable, you don’t even have to come up with your own ideas.

2 – Build a sand volcano.
Truth: Ken would enjoy building (and erupting) this volcano as much as the kids would.

3 – Study the beach!
Get up close with sand and a magnifying glass; experiment with saltwater and freshwater; make a map of the beach… great educational ideas at this site.

Bonus sentimental project:

Make a sandy hand keepsake. Display it in a shadow box frame. (Be sure to make one for the grandparents, too!)

When it comes to collecting shells, my little kids go for quantity over quality, but I like to hunt for unique shells. This time I have more ideas for what to do with them after the fact.

DIY seashell crafts

DIY seashell projects you can make:

Note: check local laws in regards to collecting; some beaches and some ocean finds (like shells) are protected by law.

1 – Wear your favorite shell.
Make a seashell necklace for a totally unique piece of jewelry. Great for a wide range of ages.

2 – Create critters.
These seashell snails are adorable. Have you seen the movie Turbo? My kids loved it, so I know they’ll will want to make a few of these inspired by that movie.

3 – Fossilize your finds.
Imprint shells in salt dough, and you’ve got fossils. (Well, not technically. But still fun.)

4 – String together a windchime.
Kathryn and I have been meaning to make one of these seashell windchime forever; maybe we’ll wait til we have a fresh stash of shells.

5 – Make a box for your treasures.
Kids can keep their favorites in a custom-decorated sea-themed treasure box!

>> Does your family vacation at the beach? What’s your favorite activity?

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Hannah Grace

I’m counting down the days until your beach trip too, I can’t wait to meet you guys!


On our beach vacations I am happiest with a book and a low chair parked right down at the water’s edge where it is continuously lapping at my feet. With enough sunscreen I can sit there all day long, with a few boogie board breaks thrown in there for fun. Follow that by an end-of-the-day Italian Ice from up the street and I’m in heaven : )

Hope your week is fantastically memorable! Let’s firm up plans in the next couple of days!