{Beautiful Things} Another week of summer

Another summer week full of good and beautiful things.

“You make beautiful things;
You make beautiful things out of dust…
You make beautiful things out of the dust.
You make me new. You are making me new.”

(from a favorite song, Beautiful Things by Gungor)


The collage above is full of beautiful things:

  • Birthday cards. I especially love homemade ones. Kathryn drew a beautiful teacup on hers, and Lindsey wrote me a very sweet note.
  • Silliness.  {Kathryn adorned with a curriculum sticker}
  • A first “real” job for Lindsey. After months of putting in applications at various places, Lindsey is now a Chick-fil-a employee. Their company vision begins, “To glorify God…” I believe this will be a very good thing for her.
  • Sisterly fun. We spent some time at the pool this week, and watching Lindsey and Kathryn play and enjoy each other’s company made my heart happy.
  • Puppy love. Those without pets may not understand, but I like when Lacy the WonderDog hangs out nearby. Like right now, stretched out by my desk, or the other morning, staying close while I wrote in my journal.
  • Flowers. I simply can’t be unhappy in my flower garden.

flower garden ~ June 2012

But so many MORE beautiful things this week…

Last Saturday was my birthday. My dad came down, and although he doesn’t like to have his picture taken anymore (because of health problems), I treasure photographs and I knew he wouldn’t refuse me on my birthday.

Dad and the girls on my birthday

We raised butterflies and ladybugs, and released both this week. Kathryn let the ladybugs go on a rainy morning. Another afternoon, we let the butterflies go with a couple of young friends (after a morning at the pool).

ladybug on hand

ladybug on leaf

releasing butterflies with friends

Blueberries = summer.
Kathryn loves to pick them, and that is a favorite thing, too, because I want her to grow up enjoying and appreciating things like homegrown veggies and beautiful berries and fruit trees and butterflies and more…


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