Because I Need More Gratitude {1146 – 1156}

I’m having a hard time with a few things in my life right now. As a result, I’m having difficulty focusing on the important things. My quiet times have been half-hearted, and I feel as if my prayers are bouncing off the ceiling. Of course I know they aren’t, but I’ve been feeling somewhat disconnected. When that happens, I know God hasn’t gone anywhere; the disconnect is on my end.

One thing that helps me refocus is to be more intentional about gratitude. Gratitude tends to crowd out doubt, fear, worry, and sadness. So once again, I’m counting gifts.

Multitudes on Monday

1146 – Finding gifts to purchase that benefit worthwhile organizations like Mercy House Kenya and Thousand Hills Coffee.

1147 – Our Christmas cards are really cute. 😉

1148 – A fun day of touring historic homes with my mom, my aunt Beckie, and two of my cousins Shannon and Jonnia. We had so much fun we might just make this Christmas Home Tour an annual tradition.

1149 – My uncle lives near enough to my dad to check on him, and the timing of my uncle’s job loss was exactly when Dad needs someone to stop by more often.

1150 – My grandmother is able to live with my aunt; my aunt is willing to have her live there; and they live around the corner from me.

1151 – Peppermint mocha coffee creamer.

1152 – A lunch date with Ken on Friday, and starting our Saturday with time to sit and talk.

1153 – Photographing another happy couple expecting their first child. Another chance to celebrate a new life.

1154 – Pretty wrapping paper for gifts.

1155 – Encouraging testimonies shared in church yesterday.

1156 – This printable shared by Ann at A Holy Experience.

May your eyes — and mine — be open to the many blessings that surround us this week, and every day.