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Birthday tea for Mom

Friday was my mom’s birthday, so we celebrated with tea! It’s what we do. 🙂

But this time, I surprised her by inviting one of her dearest friends to tea, too! I don’t think I’ve ever tried to surprise my mom with anything like that before. She was delighted!

old friends at tea

Virginia has been a friend of the family so long that we all consider her family. Kathryn asked the other day how Virginia is related to us, and I told her “honorarily.” Virginia and my mom became friends forty-ish years ago, before either of them had children. They both became pregnant with their first child around the same time; Virginia’s baby was due that May, and my mom’s baby (that’d be me) was due in mid-July. However, Virginia’s baby boy came late, and I arrived early, so we were born on the same day! A few years later, Virginia’s family and our family ended up moving just a couple of streets apart in the same neighborhood, and Bart — a big, strong boy — appointed himself protector of tiny little me. (He’s 6′ 7″ now!)

Virginia’s daughter Erin joined us because she had a rare day off work; this worked out perfectly since we’ve been trying to get all of us girls together for months now!


Kathryn enjoyed her usual “Mad Hatters” tea tray, with her favorite strawberry-kiwi tea…


The tea room has hats and wraps and such that you can wear: dress-up for grown-ups! Lindsey wore a wrap since it was chilly in the tea room.


Before we left, I handed Erin my camera to take a photo of Mom and her girls. (It didn’t come out as cute as last year’s photo, but I think that’s because none of us were wearing cute hats like last time!)


I’m so thankful for another year of my mom!

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What an awesome story of friendship – and a delightful way to celebrate a birthday!

April J.

Wow how awesome something special to look forward to! Your daughters are beautiful!
God Blees,
April J

I love this idea! I am one of six female cousins and we all live in the same town. We have one male cousin but consider his wife one of the gang so I guess there are actually seven girl cousins. I am going to suggest we do something like this, hats and all. What a special day for your family. Thanks for the idea. Visiting by way of HOTM. Stop by and visit at waddleeahchaa,com where two sisters blog about working with young children, homeschooling and our love for great books. 🙂 joyce