Birthday tea for Mom

Friday was my mom’s birthday, so we celebrated with tea! It’s what we do. 🙂

But this time, I surprised her by inviting one of her dearest friends to tea, too! I don’t think I’ve ever tried to surprise my mom with anything like that before. She was delighted!

old friends at tea

Virginia has been a friend of the family so long that we all consider her family. Kathryn asked the other day how Virginia is related to us, and I told her “honorarily.” Virginia and my mom became friends forty-ish years ago, before either of them had children. They both became pregnant with their first child around the same time; Virginia’s baby was due that May, and my mom’s baby (that’d be me) was due in mid-July. However, Virginia’s baby boy came late, and I arrived early, so we were born on the same day! A few years later, Virginia’s family and our family ended up moving just a couple of streets apart in the same neighborhood, and Bart — a big, strong boy — appointed himself protector of tiny little me. (He’s 6′ 7″ now!)

Virginia’s daughter Erin joined us because she had a rare day off work; this worked out perfectly since we’ve been trying to get all of us girls together for months now!


Kathryn enjoyed her usual “Mad Hatters” tea tray, with her favorite strawberry-kiwi tea…


The tea room has hats and wraps and such that you can wear: dress-up for grown-ups! Lindsey wore a wrap since it was chilly in the tea room.


Before we left, I handed Erin my camera to take a photo of Mom and her girls. (It didn’t come out as cute as last year’s photo, but I think that’s because none of us were wearing cute hats like last time!)


I’m so thankful for another year of my mom!