Birthday flowers, tea, & friends!

For at least the past three years, our daylilies have begun blooming exactly on my birthday. So even though roses are my birth flower, these daylilies are evidently my birth-day flower.

I was saying all week that they’d start blooming on Wednesday, and they did. Kathryn noticed the blooms before I did, and was so excited. She volunteered to take my picture with the daylilies if I did the settings on the camera…

My dad stopped by to deliver my birthday card and visit for a bit. Then my mom picked us up to go to tea; every year for almost ten years now, I’ve celebrated my birthday with tea at my favorite tea room. Last year was a bit different because we were busy meeting Lindsey! I do love tea, but of course, meeting our future daughter took precedence. This year, I’m blessed to have TWO daughters celebrating with me!

Don’t you love my birthday “cake”? I took this photo after we got home, but you can also see it in the group photo below. My crafty friend Jenifer made it. We had a bit of a mishap with the stand, but it’s still all good! Making a flower cake like this has been on my project list forever, but I’ve yet to actually make one. I adore it!

Our waitress took this photo. Our group from left to right: Lindsey (Jenifer’s daughter), Jenifer, Emilie (also Jen’s daughter), my Lindsey, me, Kathryn, my Mom, Tina (with her adorable baby bump), and Angela! I love every one of these gals! Ken surprised me by taking the afternoon off and bringing me a bouquet of flowers.  I spent the rest of the day enjoying my family, playing games, talking, and going out for dinner.

This was a good day, and I am so very thankful.