Let’s talk body image

Let’s talk body image.

body image image courtesy of pexels

Before I took my hiatus from photography, I did a photography project featuring women of just about every age, ethnicity, and body type. I loved it. My goal was to show that beauty comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It was such fun to watch them see their finished images, to see them say, “That’s me? I look good!” {No photoshopping, other than blemishes, etc.}

What struck me most of all, though, was that every one of them could easily tell you what they didn’t like about their bodies.

Think of how boring the world would be if we were all identical. That’s easy to say about personalities, but it’s true for outward appearance, too.

And y’all: our daughters are watching. They’re watching how their dads speak of beauty, what their dads tell them. {Hint: tell her she’s pretty.} They’re watching how their moms and big sisters speak of their own bodies, of others’ bodies. They’re watching what society and their peers say, too, but believe it or not, we have a whole lot of influence here at home.

I love this little video. It’s an eye-opener.
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I think I’ll choose a mermaid tail. How ’bout you?