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Bridal Expo & Old Friends

Yesterday, we had a booth at the Bridal Expo. It was the first time we’ve done this, and we were very pleased with how it came out, and with the response we received. It was fun talking with so many excited brides and a few brave grooms! Our booth wasn’t fancy, but we don’t want prospective brides to be wowed by our booth; if they are impressed by anything, we’d want it to be our photos — and our sparkling personalities! 😉

Expo Booth-2

As I was chatting with brides-to-be, I noticed a woman who looked familiar, then realized it was one of my very best friends from high school! It’s been at least twelve years since we’ve seen or heard from each other (and, for the record, nearly twenty years since we were in high school). I called her name, and didn’t know if she’d know me, but then she saw me and said, “Jamie!” I hugged her neck, and she told me I looked just the same, except with shorter hair. I told her she looks just the same, too! And we do… but as I was looking really closely at this photo, I realized we both have a few gray hairs and a few little wrinkles. But I think we’re both still pretty cute. And aren’t women supposed to be like fine wine, and improve with age?

Jamie and Meagan
Meagan and her husband were working a booth at the Expo for their videography business, which they own and run together. It’s funny how much we have in common these days, even more than we did back then, I think. Our hubbies hit it off right away, and it turns out that they live very close to us, so we are already making plans to do dinner with our families sometime in the next couple of weeks. Running into her was such a delightfully happy surprise!

Now if we book a bunch of those brides we talked to, I’ll be quite delighted about that, too!

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I know Meagan! I met her this summer when our boys played on the JFBC All Star Baseball team together. Her and her husband are the sweetest! Her husband was Devin’s favorite Coach.

Hope you both get some good business from the Expo … I remember those days. 😉

Tina Savasuk

I love how the booth turned out. The pictures really pop on that black background and it is simple but elegant. I hope you guys get lots of business from it.


That’s so nice! I recently worked up the courage to search for my best friend from elementary school on Facebook and it has been really, really great catching up with her.