Weekly {Camera Phone} Report

I’m completely off kilter after the past week. So my post today is nothing profound, but I’m linking up with Dawn’s Camera Phone Friday, which is always fun. 😉 I’m linking up with Kris’s Weekly Wrap-Up, too.


A brief explanation:

  1. Sock Monkey (christened “Nora” by Kathryn after we made her a couple of years ago) wearing a Bethany Adoption Services t-shirt. Last Monday we had our home study visit for a possible subsequent adoption. I say possible because we are being rather specific in age, and there are many variables in our lives right now (like #2, below), so although we started the process, we really have no idea if this might legitimately happen in the foreseeable future.
  2. Kathryn with my dad on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle at her birthday party two years ago. This wasn’t actually taken with a camera phone, but I instagramed it last week because we finally got a diagnosis for my dad’s health issues, and it isn’t good. ALS will likely limit his Harley-riding days.
  3. It’s fall. Finally. Which means apple-oat muffins once again feel appropriate. (Here’s the recipe.)
  4. Lacy the WonderDog intently staring down a squirrel.  Shortly after this, I let her out to chase it; totally made her day. (And yes, I was purposefully loud in opening the door to give the squirrel a head start!)
  5. Kathryn’s birthday was this week. I still can’t believe my baby is 11 years old.
  6. I thought this “guest services” booklet seemed out of place in my dad’s hospital room: isn’t he a patient, and not a guest? Whatever. Anyway, he had a g-tube put in yesterday for feeding because he can no longer swallow well enough to eat or drink. We hope he can come home from the hospital tomorrow.

This week was also Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Kathryn is required to attend all the high holy days as part of the bat mitzvah classes she’s taking, so she went with her dad to the Wednesday night service, and I took her to the Thursday morning service; this was my first experience in a Messianic Jewish service, and it was fascinating.

Kathryn did have her enrichment classes this week, but in the midst of everything else, we’ve not done much “school.” We are still learning, though. Every day.