Celebrating Another Year

Today I celebrate another year of life. Today, at 11:58AM, I’ll be thirty-eight years old. And I don’t mind telling you my age because I’m happy about it! I’m quite possibly healthier than I’ve ever been: my abs may not be what they once were, but my asthma has been under control, my allergies haven’t been bad, I’m more active, and eating much healthier than I did years ago.

And those silver hairs? They just add a little sparkle. {wink}

As my birthdays add up, I realize more and more what a blessing each year is. And for that matter, what a blessing each day is! I try never to take my life for granted. When I wake each morning, I try to make my first coherent thought a prayer of gratitude for another day with my loved ones and another day to let Christ live through me. I want my life to count; someday when I die, I don’t want it said generically that I was “a good person.” That’s all fine and good, but I want to make an eternal difference in the lives around me.

I want to live each day with the goal before me of someday hearing my Savior say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Do I really live that way each day? Sadly, no. But I know this hope is perfectly in line with God’s will for me, so He will help me make this a reality as I continue to seek Him, and to grow in my relationship with Christ.

That little sentence sounds like the perfect excuse to throw in a fun photo referencing Philippians 4:13…

Rosie Jamie

(Yep, that’s me; we like to do our own little recreations of famous old art, and this interpretation of Rosie the Riveter was just perfect for retro-loving me!)