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Celebrating Another Year

Today I celebrate another year of life. Today, at 11:58AM, I’ll be thirty-eight years old. And I don’t mind telling you my age because I’m happy about it! I’m quite possibly healthier than I’ve ever been: my abs may not be what they once were, but my asthma has been under control, my allergies haven’t been bad, I’m more active, and eating much healthier than I did years ago.

And those silver hairs? They just add a little sparkle. {wink}

As my birthdays add up, I realize more and more what a blessing each year is. And for that matter, what a blessing each day is! I try never to take my life for granted. When I wake each morning, I try to make my first coherent thought a prayer of gratitude for another day with my loved ones and another day to let Christ live through me. I want my life to count; someday when I die, I don’t want it said generically that I was “a good person.” That’s all fine and good, but I want to make an eternal difference in the lives around me.

I want to live each day with the goal before me of someday hearing my Savior say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Do I really live that way each day? Sadly, no. But I know this hope is perfectly in line with God’s will for me, so He will help me make this a reality as I continue to seek Him, and to grow in my relationship with Christ.

That little sentence sounds like the perfect excuse to throw in a fun photo referencing Philippians 4:13…

Rosie Jamie

(Yep, that’s me; we like to do our own little recreations of famous old art, and this interpretation of Rosie the Riveter was just perfect for retro-loving me!)

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Ken (aka Jamie's hubby)

Happy Birthday, Baby! You rock and I love you more everyday!


Happy Birthday Jamie!

Bob Trammell

Happy birthday cousin!

Jonker - Firefly

Happy birthday Jamie. I hope you have a stunning day with lots of spoiling


Happy Birthday! Love that picture! 😉


Happy Birthday Jamie!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and an amazing year!


Happy Birthday!! Love the picture!

Happy Birthday, Jamie!


Happy Birthday and I LOVE the picture!


Happy Birthday, Jamie~ May you have many more years of blessings ahead!


Happy Birthday, Friend! Love you so much! Hope you have a great day.


Happy Birthday Jamie!

Homeschool on the Croft

Happy Birthday! (Love the photo!!)

Amy @ A Contented, Common Life

Happy Birthday!!!
I totally and completely LOVE your “recreation” of Rosie the Riveter! Philippians 4:13 is my life verse… this is just too stinkin’ cool!


Love the picture! Happy Birthday!

Carey Bailey

1. Ridicuously amazing picture! One of the coolest things ever. 2. LOVE how excited you are and it feels genuine. 3. You are my role model for getting the whole exercise thing going. 4. HAPPY happy happy day. May it be a year filled with adventure and walking forward in the journey.
With Joy, Carey

Carol Flett

Awesome shot! I love it! I agree with you about getting older. I still feel that each year is an accomplishment, and one step closer to my final goal. Have a great year!

Traci's Teaching Times

Happy Belated Birthday Jamie, hope that it was all you wanted it to be and more. May God bless you with many more wonderful years.