family life


There’s so much new in our lives. Somewhat surprisingly, I’m enjoying the changes, even though I love my plans and routines. This newness won’t last forever but it feels good because it all seems to be heading in a healthy direction.

We had all sorts of new when we moved last fall. New home, of course. New friends and neighbors and jobs, even the nature around us. New hobbies to reflect all that.


Most recently, we have a brand new grandson, and a new house going up next door. {Want to be our neighbor?}

With our move and the downsizing of our home, I knew I’d need to simplify in a big way. I’d started that process already, gradually, over the past few years, but moving into a house half the size of our old one forced me to get serious about it.

I find that the more I simplify, the more I love it. It gives me room to breathe, room for my mind to rest. Decorating our new home looks like continuing to get rid of clutter, move to a more minimalist style with white walls and less stuff — though those shelves will not be empty for long.

white walls in living room

Right now I’m in the middle of big upheaval to get ready for our homeschool year starting in two weeks. All the stuff I stashed somewhere to get out of the way when we moved in has reared it’s ugly head, and I’m taming the beast. It’s making me twitch.

messy school supplies

Another big change for us will be sending Scout to private school this year. Early mornings, an actual schedule set by other people. I know from past experience that I need things simple and orderly to make that work. We believe it’s going to be beneficial for us all, but particularly for her. She’s very excited, and counting down the days.

playing Legos

In my homeschooling plans, I’m trying to find balance so we can do what needs to be done but also take advantage of a variety of opportunities around us. We didn’t do much of that last year because settling in and keeping our heads above water took precedence.

Even on the blog I’ve been feeling the pull to simplify, so I’ll be making some changes here too: a cleaner design, and as my mind settles along with our lives, I expect once again to have the mental wherewithal to write in this space.