Acknowledging limits & chasing sunshine

I have no lack of ideas of things I’d love to do.

But there’s the issue of being a human who has finite time and energy, as well as commitments that may not fall in the category of things I’m excited about but are nonetheless necessary. Like laundry and cleaning the shower and feeding kids and dogs.

I’m writing this today as a reminder to myself and maybe to you, too.

It’s good to have goals.

2021 planner by Commit30
(planner by Commit30)

Although I do periodically spend time setting intentions for the months ahead, I also give myself permission for goals to change as needed. I’ll share a specific example.

Last week, instead of waking up looking forward to my days, I felt drained and grumpy about everything. It’s taken years to learn this is what happens when I have too much going on. We all have limits, and my highly-sensitive introverted self starts shutting down when I near them.

After a few days of thought, I realized the straw that broke this camel’s back was the new online fitness classes I’d recently added. One of my biggest ongoing goals is to help others become stronger and healthier, and I felt this might be a good way to extend my reach — but now I see this is not the best use of my time and energy.

Instead, I’ll back off my online classes in order to focus on my personal training (online and local) and my in-person classes.

Note to self: Sometimes we have to say NO to good things to be able to say YES to better things.

My homeschooling energy has also taken a hit, too, due to a variety of stressful issues: family stuff, holidays, the world at large. Cold, short days aren’t helping. These things aren’t within my power to change, but I do have the power to re-focus and re-prioritize.

How I’m re-focusing & re-prioritizing right now:

soaking up whatever sunshine I can find
  • I’m finding sunshine, literally and figuratively, wherever I can.
  • I’m finally working on a happy-making gallery wall over the sofa.
  • I’m keeping school plans super-simple (daily math, reading, writing, plus whatever life throws our way) and will only add anything new when I’m ready, mentally, to commit time and energy to it.
  • I’m continuing to prioritize sleep and movement and good nutrition.
  • I’m spoiling my sweet old dog Daisy, who is just a few weeks away from her 14th birthday and slowing down a lot lately.
  • I’m watching birds and dreaming of a tiny garden I’d like to have this year. Maybe one of those self-contained garden towers?
  • I’m doing some very basic creative things regularly, like simple embroidery kits, and I’d like to get back to zentangles.

Happy January, y’all.
Sunnier days are on the way.