Chore Charts for Kids: ideas to try

With two new little people in the house, and with Lindsey transitioning out of her role as student and into a young adult who lives at home, it’s time to reevaluate how we manage household chores around here.


In case you might be looking to change things up a bit in your house, too, I’m sharing a few ideas I like.

Chore system ideas:

  • Another option for a cute chore chart is this super-cute one DIY chore chart made from a cookie sheet help make cleaning fun.
  • I like the idea of rewarding kids for chores without paying them money. Instead, they can shop in the Chore Store!
  • We’ve used this chore reward system in the past; even though this worked well for us, it’s time for something new — but whatever new system we end up with will likely include some aspects of this one.
  • Maybe calling them “chores” automatically makes them less enjoyable; instead, children can have service opportunities around the house.

As we get a new-and-improved system in place, I’ll share all about it! If you have posts about how your family does it, please leave the links in the comments because I’d love to read them!