Practicing Gratitude (plus our Christmas!)

Happy New Year, y’all!
I’m still counting my gifts!

751) First gratitude post of the new year!
752) A white Christmas! For the first time since the 1880’s, the Atlanta area had measurable snowfall on Christmas day. I remember a couple of Christmases with light flurries, but this was a first for us all!


753) We went absolutely nowhere on Christmas Day, and it was lovely.
754) Time with all three kids, including a lively Christmas Day Wii dance-off.
755) A mostly-relaxing week off work for Ken.
756) Celebrating Christmas with my sister and her family a few days before Christmas
Dad with Debbie and Jamie

757) My dad wasn’t hurt when he ran off the icy road into a ditch on Christmas morning.
758) Witnessing the real spirit of giving in the middle of the Honeybaked Ham store on Christmas Eve
759) Having my mom with us on Christmas morning! Since she lives just around the corner from us, so we called her when we got up on Christmas morning so she could join us for breakfast and gifts.
Christmas2010-My Mom

760) Everyone taking turns reading the story of Christ’s birth from the Bible.
761) Everyone likes their gifts.

Lacy the WonderDog gives gifts at Christmas, too!

762) Family time/games/silliness.

763) We’ve had fun playing a couple of new games together this week!

764) A very cool 1930s camera as a gift from my mom.

765) My granddaddy’s old Mamiya camera, bought in Japan during WWII, sitting on a shelf with my new {old} camera; I’ve started a vintage camera collection.
766) my niece Katie was married in a private ceremony last weekend
767) Ken’s mom came up and spent some time with us Christmas afternoon.
768) More quiet time than usual last week.
769) The rare occasions when I feel God overwhelmingly and breath-takingly present.
770) Some re-direction for my schedule.
771) Fresh direction and inspiration for our homeschool.
772) Ken and I spent our New Year’s Eve photographing a beautiful wedding in Atlanta!
773) Lindsey enjoyed some time with Granma (my mom) on New Year’s Eve.
774) We didn’t hit the deer that darted across the road in front of us last night.
775) The fresh slate of a brand new year!

I’m excited to get this new year started — how ’bout you?
Consider joining the gratitude community and count your gifts this year!