Christmas Tour from a clutter-phobe

I have all these big ol’ thoughts in my brain, but none of them really want to get thoroughly unwrapped and processed into blog posts right now. So how ’bout we have a little Christmas Tour of our home, since I haven’t shared much of it yet?

Christmas home tour at See Jamie Blog

We’ve been in our little cottage near the sea for less than two months, and while we’ve made great progress in getting settled, it’s far from “done.” Actually, I’m never done with a house; I think that’s why I’d never be able to hire a decorator. If I did, I’d feel like I could never change things — and changing things around is fun.

I digress. Anyway, once I got boxes unpacked and the house no longer looked like an explosion of books and cardboard, I was hesitant to do any Christmas decorating. I didn’t want to make it feel all cluttery again. {Clutter makes me twitchy.}

After my Grinchy feelings fizzled down, I decided I’d just scale back. Part of my downsizing simplification thing.

Our simplified Christmas decor:

Christmas tree sand dollar ornament

So I found a tiny little real Christmas tree that would fit nicely on the hearth of our gigantic fireplace. It was already in a little Christmas tree stand! I’d never seen small trees like this; maybe it’s a thing here because there are so many second homes? Or because the houses are smaller and few folks around here would even have a place for a 15-foot tree? There were also “normal” 7-ish foot tall trees, but I didn’t see any big two-story-living-room kinds of trees.

Christmas home fireplace mantle

I wanted to play up the fireplace mantle, so I bought a pre-lit real-looking artificial garland. It’s powered by battery so I don’t have to snake a cord across the room. Evidently the more realistic, the more expensive, but I had a welcome-neighbor coupon and I can use it in subsequent years.

Then I bought some real pine and fir garland to weave in with the artificial garland. I reeeeally like it.

I don’t even feel one bit Grinchy anymore.

Christmas decor mantle ornaments

Since we went with such a tiny tree, we didn’t have room for many ornaments. I pulled out some of our most special ones for the tree, plus a few to add to the mantle. When it’s time to pack it away, I’ll clean out more; I’m down to three plastic storage boxes for All Things Christmas, but I want to whittle down to two because our attic is tiny. But I did buy one new ornament this year: a little wooden lighthouse made to look like the one here on our island.

Christmas mantle ornament

The quilted stockings — hung by the chimney with care, of course — are ones I made just a couple of years ago for the kids’ first Christmas with us. I think they’re pretty great on this rustic mantle. Kathryn and I said we should make up a story about this old beam, like it came from a shipwreck.

Sounds possible, right?

Christmas tour hand quilted stockings

The only other Christmasing I did anywhere else in the house is a simple little arrangement of real tree cuttings (spruce?) in a basket on the dining table. I bought it as-is at Walmart and just added a red bow.

Christmas tour simple decor

That’s it. No trees in other rooms, no festive pillows or throws, no wreaths, no outdoor lights… and it’s entirely awesome. Happy memories don’t require anything elaborate. But if you do more in your home, that’s awesome, too.

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” – Bob Hope

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Happy Christmasing, y’all.