Conversations in a confusing family

Kathryn likes to shock new friends by telling them she has 7 siblings. It’s pretty unheard of around here to have a family that big. Then she confuses them further by saying none of them are full siblings, she has 3 step-siblings and 4 half-siblings, but only one is biological related to her.

The 5-year-old hasn’t even tried to wrap his little brain around all that. For a while I had to keep reminding him that Brandon and Lindsey are his brother and sister even though they don’t live here. That you don’t have to live under the same roof to be siblings.

blended family

Although she’s only been in the family for two years, the 7-year-old is starting to get it. Two recent conversations I had with her:

Conversation one:

– Mama, is Kathryn’s other dad her step-dad?

– No, that’s her dad; Daddy is her step-dad. So K– and G– are her step brother and sister.

– {thinking} So are they my step brother and sister, too?

– Nope, just Kathryn’s.

Conversation two:

Mama, you have five kids, right?

– Yep, that’s right.

– And two were adopted, because me and [brother].

– Actually, three.

– Oh, because Lindsey!

– Yep.

– So just Brandon and Kathryn came out of your tummy.

– Well, actually only Kathryn came out of my tummy. Daddy is Brandon’s dad, but I’m his step-mom. That’ll make more sense when you understand more about babies and pregnancy and all that.

– Like how the baby gets out of the mama’s tummy?

– More like how it gets in the mama’s tummy.
{Suppressed snickers from teenage Kathryn in the background.}

* * * * *

Life in our confusingly, lovingly blended-adoptive family. Never a dull moment, y’all.