Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 201 – 225

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought,
and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”
~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton

I’m still counting…
201) Lindsey’s relationship with Christ became more real on her recent mission trip.
202) Lindsey told us about it.
203) We spent time with a side of the family we don’t see often.
204) I have a dozen new pairs of cute shoes for zero dollars.


205) My generous mother-in-law with the same size foot as me is responsible for #204.
206) I didn’t not have to cook at all today.
207) Saturday’s refreshing ans much-needed rain
208) We enjoyed a lovely visit with friends yesterday evening.
209) Friends that feel like family.
210) Teamwork with my husband.
211) Freshly remembering God’s gift of an elephant.
212) The moments (too fleeting) when I finally understand what true contentment is.
213) The taste of perfectly ripe cherries.
214) A fenced yard for Lacy the WonderDog to run in.
215) Opposable thumbs: they are really handy.
216) Goofy puns (as in #215)
217) The girls missed seeing puppies being born, but did hold newborn puppies!
218) Chocolate Cheerios; they are seriously yummy!
219) Both of my daughters are good with younger kids.
220) Deanna is settling in with her new family.
221) Big good news for Deanna & family tomorrow.
222) Finished up a big project.
223) Watching my husband grow as leader of our family.
224) Sending sappy birthday cards. (I like that as much as receiving them!)
225) The intimate ways God answers prayers we haven’t even prayed yet.