Crochet Therapy

My youngest girl, now age 13, made this adorable purse as her most recent crochet project. She did it entirely on her own by following a pattern in a book. I’m totally impressed by this because I cannot crochet or knit. Not one stitch.

She also made the shawl she’s wearing. It was her first project, with guidance from big sis Kathryn.

crochet projects

In addition to these projects, she has also made a carrying bag for her drumsticks, complete with tiny pocket, plus a hat she’s currently wearing almost non-stop regardless of weather, and a pair of fingerless gloves.

If you’re on her Christmas list, you should probably expect something made of yarn.

Therapy a few years ago helped us put words to some challenges from the early years she spent bouncing in and out of foster care. It turns out what looks a whole lot like ADHD is actually trauma-based anxiety. When the therapist told me this, I initially balked. How could this bouncy, friendly, outgoing girl be dealing with anxiety? It’s nothing like the anxiety I’ve seen and experienced before.

The more I thought about it, however, the more it made sense. She’s so energetic because she’s always on high alert. It definitely doesn’t look like fear, but she struggles to let her mind rest. It’s exhausting to live with, and I imagine it’s exhausting for her, too.

Of all the things we’ve tried over the past seven years since she became our daughter, it turns out crochet may be the thing that has helped her most of all. Some of it may be due to a little maturity bringing other things together, but I’ll still keep supplying her with all kinds of yarn if this helps keep her hands busy and her mind at peace.

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