Cute & Cheap Art Supply Organizer

I wanted to make a cute art supply organizer that can sit in the middle of our school table and hold supplies. This is what I came up with; it was super-easy, and the total cost was under $17!

art supply organizer

I bought a $7 wooden lazy susan at IKEA, then found little Valentine’s Day metal pails in the dollar section of my local Target. I didn’t want anything to fly off when we spun the lazy susan, so my original plan was to drill a hole in the bottom, and screw them to the top of the lazy susan. I still think that’s a good idea, but it would have made it harder to clean out the containers, or to change them later if I’m so inclined.

Ken suggested we use magnets, so I bought a set of little round magnets at Hobby Lobby ($2), and hot-glued them to the top of the lazy susan, like this:

After that, I just set the little buckets on top of the magnets and filled them with our supplies.

As soon as the girls put the markers and such in there, they both immediately started drawing, so I think that means this little project was a success!