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“A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.” -unknown

Last weekend, Kathryn and I attended a Mother-Daughter Tea Party for the GA’s (Girls in Action) from our church. The tea party just happened to be at our very favorite tea room, Tea Leaves and Thyme. We sat by the front windows, Kathryn’s favorite spot. Amanda and her daughter Macy sat with us, and they were kind enough to take our picture.

girls tea party

Kathryn and all of the other GA’s received a badge and a Bible verse in a pretty little silver frame.

The weekend before that, Lindsey and I attended a Mother-Daughter Ballet event at church. Every year, the women’s ministry hosts a mother-daughter event, but this was the first time either of us had attended. It was a beautiful performance, and now Lindsey is trying to decide if she wants to continue gymnastics, or if she’d like to switch to ballet. After the performance, we had a dessert reception downstairs, beautifully decorated with ballerina-inspired decor. Ken took this photo right before we left the house:

Lindsey April 2010

Our take-home souvenir from this event was a pretty little bookmark and a silver ballerina charm, which Lindsey plans to add to her charm bracelet she got at the Father-Daughter Valentine’s Dance. After a few years of these events, she’ll have it all filled up with sentimental charms. Isn’t that a lovely thought?

In our daily lives, we occasionally get on each other’s nerves; when dealing with a houseful of imperfect humans, that’s just a reality. But we don’t have to focus on those times! That’s why I so cherish opportunities like these to make special memories with my girls.

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What a lovely time for you to share with your girls. Priceless. Lovely pictures too.


Wow, how very special <3
I am looking forward to the season when I can have special 'dates' with each of my children.


Thanks for stopping by, I saw your comment and thought I'd pop by to say "hello!" What a blessing to be able to enjoy moments like these with your daughters! Is your haircut new? It suits you so well! Your blog is adorable 🙂