Deanna’s placement!

Today, our friends signed the permanent placement papers for Deanna, just like we did July of last year for Lindsey!

(Deanna & her new family – and Lindsey – waiting for a fireworks show on the 4th of July.)fireworks night

It’s so mind-bogglingly amazing how God has been working in all of this!

If we had not met Lindsey, we would never have met Deanna. They grew up together, share many childhood memories, and consider each other honorary sisters. They experienced many of the same difficulties, too, and can understand each other in a way that most of their other friends simply can’t. They even lived in the same foster home for a while.

If we’d never met Deanna, I would never have written this post about her desire to be adopted.

If I’d never written that post, my friend Kimberly would never have seen the face of a girl she simply couldn’t forget. She called me not long after I posted that, and asked a hundred questions about Deanna. I told her all I knew. She said she didn’t know what all this meant, but she could not get Deanna off her mind.

About a week later, Kimberly called with questions about the adoption process, and I answered all of those, too. She talked with her family, and soon, they began the process. Less than three short months later, with the help of some motivated caseworkers (the same ones we had!), Deanna’s placement is official.

To quote Lindsey’s former and Deanna’s current caseworker Lamar, “God does good work.”

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That is wonderful, wonderful news! I love when God lets us see Him at work.


Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how God works through us!! Thanks for sharing this story! I am so happy for Deanna and her new adoptive family.


Wow, this post made me cry! How awesome He is!


What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing!


Wow, this is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing this inspiring series of events!

Ryan from Alpha Omega Publications


Oh, praise GOD! I can’t tell you how many times I thought of Deanna after reading her story on your blog. I teared up every time. Every child (no matter what age) needs a home to go to for Christmas, Easter, summers during college breaks, to showcase their wedding photos, to show off their firstborn. . . And I am so glad Deanna and her family have found each other.


Yay. AMAZING! So happy for them. Love to continue to see the fruit and blessing that has come out of your adoption of Lindsey and all the other adoption stories you share.

Erin M

oh Jamie! what a blessing!!!!!!


This is a truly miraculous story Jamie!

God’s Blessings,


what awesome news!!! The Lord is so good!

Maury Draper

This is just a beautiful story. I work with the Heart Gallery for our county, and I hear all the time about the teenagers that never get adopted. The story of your daughter and her friend is just so wonderful to hear!