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Discovery: how I’ll spend my days

Last weekend, I did something new: I ran my first 5K. I was slow as a turtle in peanut butter, but I did it! It was so stinkin’ cold: 28 degrees, which I know is relative, but for a Southern girl in a beach town, that’s darn cold. The vastly redeeming factor was what a gorgeous sunshiny day it was, and when we turned that one corner and I could see the ocean and hear waves crashing: smile making.

5k run

I feel much better now about running that 10K in April because although of course I still have to train, at least now I know all the little things like how timing chips work or how to get my medal after the race; all those little things that would’ve kept me up at night before my 10k.

A year of discovery.

While I’m not a big resolution-making kind of girl, I like that “one word” thing a lot of folks do. I like the focus it gives. Last year, my word was stronger, which delved deeper than my physical goals but included those as well. I’m not finished with that one by any means, and I didn’t particularly plan to pick one for this year (certainly not in the middle of February) but ideas kept popping up around one general idea:

Discovery –
1. the action of process of discovering or being discovered
2. a person or thing discovered

So I’ve declared this a year of discovery — of self and surroundings. I want to explore this new town and get to know our new neighbors. To find out what works best for me (and my family) in regards to soul care and daily schedules. I’ll pursue fitness goals and hobbies, and I hope to model a life of passion rather than complacency.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

our street

Last year I began strength training. I enjoy it, but I particularly enjoy the progress I’ve made. Every time I pick up a 26-pound bag of dog food without hurting my back, I feel like a rock star. My experience with fitness has taught me I can do far more than I ever would’ve thought, and it’s opened up a world of possibilities — not just for my body (like running) but in breaking down mental barriers of “I can’t.”

So in this year of discovery, I want to stretch myself mentally and physically. I want to pursue more of the me I was created to be, and leave behind the parts of me that exist because of shoulds. {Two books currently inspiring me in this: Bandersnatch and For the Love.}

I’m going to explore outdoors. I’ll keep running, and maybe even train for a half-marathon. I’ll learn how to kayak so I can explore the rivers and canals and waterway. I want to get up close to herons and anhingas, and maybe even an alligator. I might try zip-lining in a nature preserve I’ve heard about.

I want to create. To learn new painting techniques, to write things other than blog posts, to get back to zentangling and art journaling, and to explore other creative possibilities.

I want to discover new interests and opportunities and people. I want to put up a Little Free Library and figure out how best to keep it stocked with what folks want to read. I might join the garden club and help beautify our little town. Maybe I’ll spend time nest sitting during sea turtle season.

How we spend our days

Passion, not complacency.

I want my kids to see me pursuing goals, always continuing to learn, exploring where my passions lie, and using the gifts God gave me. I want them to see me being me, and I want to help them discover their own giftings and passions.

What do YOU want to discover about yourself or your life this year?

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