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Doggie doorbell helps house-training

When I find something that improves my life in big or small ways, I’m going to share, no matter what it is. This time around: the doggie “doorbell” for house-training.

doggie doorbell for house-training

When we first brought Piper home, she had no clue she wasn’t suppose to pee in the house. She’d squat and do it any ol’ where. So we confined her to a smaller (and linoleum) area until she learned. After we were pretty sure she’d learned, we’d let her hang out and play in the living room and sometimes — even after weeks of success, she’d just squat and pee again.


Eventually she knew she wasn’t suppose to go in the house, but she didn’t know how to TELL us she had to go. I asked our dog trainer about it and she told me how to teach her how to ring a bell when she needs to go out.

By the end of that first day, Piper knew exactly how and why to ring her doggie doorbell.

We’ve had ZERO accidents since then.
{I waited a while to share this just to make very sure it worked!}

doggie doorbell training

Here’s what you do:

1- Hang the bell somewhere near the door but not ON the door, or else it will ring every time anyone goes in or out.

2- Put a little peanut butter (or something similar) on the bell and show the dog. When sniffing/licking results in bell-ringing, immediately take the dog outside.

3- Once you take the dog outside, praise her. Do this about 10 times.

4- When your dog actually goes potty outside after ringing the bell, really praise her and give her a treat. Don’t forget: praise must happen within seconds of the behavior you are trying to encourage.

5- While still potty training, make sure to take your dog out every couple of hours (or more often if necessary) — but make sure you have them ring the bell before going outside.

>> Some dogs will, of course, require more practice and training than others.

sleepy relaxed dog

We’re all much more relaxed around here now, knowing our socks are not in danger of stepping in random pee puddles.

One word of [somewhat amusing] caution: Piper knows that bell-ringing gets her outside. Which means sometimes she rings the bell just because it’s a pretty day and she wants to play. Or wallow in the grass. Or chase a bunny. To be fair, though, Daisy the WonderDog has always done the same thing when she wants to go out — just without the bell.

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I love the idea of her ringing the bell because she wants to go out and play! Clever puppy 🙂


Love that! Our shihtzu rings a desk bell that we keep on the floor. Saves us so much grief!

Marsha Gordon

This is wonderful, Jamie! I am so proud of you and I also Piper! So glad you shared this information! Thank you!