End of Homeschool Year + Summer Happenings

Signs of summer: day-lilies, hydrangea in bloom, and fresh-picked blueberries!
summer flowers and berries

In our home, we don’t have an “official” LAST DAY of school; we tend to taper off rather than end with a bang. Though we are done as far as legal requirements go, we’re still finishing up a few things (like math) and, of course, doing plenty of unschoolish learning over our summer break.

So far this summer, the kids have built forts in the living room, Kathryn has been having a bit of origami fun, and the kids’ maple sapling nursery is still in full swing.

sheet forts and origami elephants

A wrap-up of all the homeschool wrap-ups I didn’t wrap up:

At the end of May, we did the required standardized testing for both Kathryn and Lindsey. (We use the CAT from Seton Testing.) I was pleased with how both girls did, although I dislike the entire concept of standardized testing.

Lindsey (high school):

I’ve had my first experience with writing up a final high school transcript, and Lindsey is ALMOST finished with the last assigned project requirement to finish her senior year so we can start thinking about a graduation party before the summer is over!

She’s working, babysitting, and enjoying time with friends this summer while she decides what her future plans are. She is still considering cosmetology school, but hasn’t decided when or if that’s definitely what she wants to do.

Kathryn (middle school):

Political views aside, it’s pretty cool to get mail from the President’s office. Kathryn’s mail from The White House included: a letter thanking her for her letter; a large photo of the President; info about The White House; “An Interview With President Obama” (list of frequently asked questions); and our favorite item in the package, a photo and bio of the presidential pet Bo the Portuguese Waterdog.

mail from the White House

In early June, she completed two years of mitzvah classes (at her dad’s messianic synagogue) and aced her cumulative final and her Hebrew final. She’ll have a bat mitzvah celebration next spring.

Before Scout and Jem moved in, we gave Kathryn the option of sharing her room or moving upstairs. At the time, she opted for sharing a room with Scout. That went fine, and I appreciate her generous heart, but when I told her recently that the offer to move upstairs still stood, she took me up on it. It’s a lovely big bonus room that isn’t “technically” considered a bedroom because it doesn’t have a closet, but an armoire and some under-bed drawers solve that problem. I’ll share photos later!

Kathryn participated in local ministry activities at her dad’s synagogue earlier this week, and now she’s on her first overnight mission trip. It’s only about an hour away but is a great introduction for mission trips to come in future years. She has been excitedly anticipating this trip and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Scout (kindergarten):

Also in late May, Scout finished her year of public kindergarten. That’s a big relief. Already I see improvement in her behavior. It looks as if a slightly extended summer vacation will probably be enough “de-schooling” for her. She’s been on a big drawing kick in recent weeks; the drawing below is one she did of her little toy monkey: pretty good for a 5-year-old, I think!

Scout's drawing

What’s your yearly homeschool schedule?

Do you school year round? I’ve always liked the idea, but our summer schedules (mostly Kathryn’s visitation schedule with her Dad) just don’t allow for it. As I plan for next year, I’m trying to decide how we’ll work our breaks throughout the year. I’m always up for ideas I might not have heard of before!

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