Fabric Covered Frame Wreath

A decorative wreath made from a wooden picture frame was Kathryn’s choice of projects for this month’s Pinterest-inspired project, where we do one of the gazillion things we’ve pinned, then blog about how it went.

Fabric Wreath with Duct Tape Flowers

I think shopping for our supplies may have been Kathryn’s favorite part of the project! Did you know Jo-Ann Fabrics has an entire aisle devoted to Duck Tape?!

duct tape aisle

Kathryn chose to make a fabric-covered frame wreath with duct tape flower accents. My mom had an old picture frame just the size Kathryn wanted for this project. We bought just one yard of the colorful fabric she chose (after I dragged her out of the Duct Tape aisle). I had a random old white sheet we used to wrap underneath for extra padding. This would’ve taken much more fabric if we hadn’t used the white, so we highly recommend doing this!

wrapping frame

Fabric Frame wreath
The instructions in this tutorial (see the pin here) were simple but good overall. The only problem we ran into is the lack of specification on how long each duct tape strip needs to be to make a flower. Kathryn says it should be about 24″ long for each flower.

Duct Tape Flower

She was a little disappointed that the flowers were not bigger, but since we used a bigger frame than the one in the tutorial, the proportions were not the same. After making two as instructed, she figured how to make one larger to better balance out the frame. She dug through our button jar to find a little sparkle for the center of each flower.

The last part of the project was making the banner. Kathryn chose to use her name instead of “Welcome,” as in the original project. We couldn’t find foam letters the size we wanted, so I bought a sheet of foam and cut out the letters myself.

foam letters

It seems we have a little frustration in every project we do, but this one is another success! And it’s just perfect in her room — which I really will share as soon as we finish a few more accessories! Speaking of which: did you see this t-shirt turned art?

Fabric Wrapped Frame at seejamieblog.com

Bonus: I managed to do the hot-glue portion of this project without burning my fingers like I did during my lampshade makeover! 😉