4 things on a Tuesday

Just for fun, a few random things for a random Tuesday in this shiny new month.

1- Ax throwing is fun.

Have you heard of the trendy new ax-throwing bars? New, at least, for all of us non-lumberjacks. I want to know who thought of this: amateurs flinging sharpened metal objects across a room, and having a couple of beers while they do so. I mean, what could go wrong with that? (Ha ha!)

date night fun at an ax-throwing bar
ax-throwing fun

Actually, it’s a lot of fun! Ken celebrated his 50th birthday last month and when I asked what he wanted to do for it, he said a date night that included ax-throwing. So we went, and had a blast. I even WON a round, and got quite a few bulls-eyes. There’s even a league — like bowling, but with axes!

2- People need to pick up their trash.

I mean, we all KNOW that, but any time we make a specific point of going to do a bit of beach clean-up, we are reminded anew. Recently we helped do a “flash sweep,” which is a great little idea our local Beach Preservation Society started this year. A group of people gather at a spot on the beach, and spend just 5 minutes picking up all the trash they can find. Then we categorize and count it all to keep a record of just how much trash we find.

At this flash sweep, we found 228 cigarette butts, 54 food wrappers, an Invisalign-type retainer, and a whole lot more trash. Yuck.

3- My kids had never eaten funnel cake.

Last weekend the kids and I were strolling the Labor Day weekend Craft Festival when I saw a booth selling funnel cakes. Clearly, a deep-fried pile of dough covered in powered sugar isn’t health food, but I have happy childhood memories of fairs and festivals involving funnel cake. I realized my youngest two had never eaten funnel cake so we remedied that situation then and there. I think half the fun is trying to pull it apart without burning your fingers on that fresh-from-the-fryer delight.

4- Watching a hurricane is like…

… waiting to see if a drunk, rabid Tasmanian devil will:
A) pass out, sleep it off, and leave everybody alone; or
B) come at you all riled up and on a completely unpredictable path.

For extra fun, we’ve got a little roof leak that isn’t scheduled to be fixed for a few more weeks so that could get fun even if all we get from Dorian is rain.

Have a happy Tuesday — and go sleep it off somewhere, Hurricane Dorian!