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Free Guide to Understanding the U.S. Constitution

Doing any government studies this year?  Or maybe you just want to know a little more about the U.S. Constitution for your own continuing education? This applies for me; I remember sadly little about all this from my school days. Once we got past that “I’m Just a Bill” song from Schoolhouse Rock, I was completely lost!

Great Homeschool Conventions has been offering some great giveaways for subscribers; this week they’re hosting another awesome giveaway on behalf of their partner, The National Center for Life and Liberty.

This time, they are giving away a book and accompanying study guide on the Constitution:

Understanding the Constitution:  Ten Things Every Citizen Should Know About the Supreme Law of the Land.

UTC giveaway

This would be a great resource for your homeschool!

To receive this gift, visit this webpage and subscribe; you’ll receive a download link via email. That link will expire on August 28, so take advantage of this offer this week if you’re interested.

GHC “believes passionately in the God-given right and responsibility of parents to train and educate their children.” In 2014, they’ll host conventions in three cities; worth checking out if you haven’t before!

{Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GHC.}

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