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Georgia Snow (& how much we like it)

Public schools have been closed all week. I decided that our homeschool would be closed all week too — simply because I’m the mom/teacher, and I said so! 😉 (The fact that it’s snowy and I have a cold helped make that decision.)

I am always a bit sad to see the snow go, because it’s so seldom here, but a brief perusal of my friends various social media outlets shows that I am in the minority. When a friend posted this “graph of Georgians’ enjoyment of snow over time”, I laughed at how true it is! (Click photo to see it larger.)


Whether with snow or without, enjoy your day!

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Great graphic! You could change the days to months and it would be a midwestern view of snow!

Sandy McDeermond

Hilarious! This is so true.


So true, so true! I feel that way. We live in North Georgia and got about 7 inches of snow. Still fighting it in my driveway. Looking forward to warmer temps.


Haha, that’s funny! That is about how we feel here in Arkansas…except it didn’t snow as much, and it melted quicker, and honestly, after the 2nd day, I had to really force my fake smile b/c wet clothes x’s 5 children was more work than I wanted to do! haha My kids loved it though. My favorite is the day that it is actually snowing, b/c I like to take pictures of that part 🙂


That is hilarious! We are in that one state that received no snow. :o( I know my daughter would have liked to just see a few flakes falling.


Awesome and so very true! As a Savannah resident we didn’t get any snow, but I’m already sick of this “winter” thing too. It’s been cold for like, an entire month and I’m ready for tshirts again.

Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

I saw that graph on Facebook last night. It perfectly illustrates my enjoyment of the snow. 😉


Well, Jamie, I’m joining you in the minority about the snow! I’ve loved being home all week. We’ve still had most of our lessons, but still have had plenty of time of playing and relaxing. Moreover, with all our activities cancelled, I’ve been able to plan and prepare nice suppers all week — even peach cobbler for dessert one evening! This break has really shown me how much I crave a quiet life, and how happier I am with fewer outside stressors.