Getting ready for the Baby!

It’s fun getting ready for a new baby — or in my case, a grandbaby. Dreaming, hoping, and preparing to meet the baby and see what that little face looks like, whose eyes or nose he has. Looking forward to that sweet new-baby smell, and imagining what his personality will be like as he gets bigger. And as the grandmother, I don’t have morning sickness or swollen anything!
During one of our lunch chats, Diane mentioned that she was already starting to buy a pack of diapers every time she went grocery shopping so it wouldn’t be such a big expense once the baby comes. So we took advantage of the new annual membership that BJ’s Wholesale Club sent my way, to help her stock up on a few things. BJ’s is so convenient, and they have some of the very best deals on top brands.
stocking up for the baby

Diapers and strollers and outfits, oh my!

We stocked up on diapers and wipes. Before we know it, we’ll be wrapping baby’s itty bitty bum in these Pampers Swaddlers. We opted for just one box of newborn size, because Brandon was a big baby (10 pounds!) so they’re likely to have a somewhat big baby, too. But we bought a gigantic box of Pampers Sensitive wipes.

Brandon didn’t want to miss the fun, so he came, too! He said this Pack-n-Play we saw was a good deal, so we might come back to get it later.


Look at how he drives that stroller. This guy is going to be a great daddy.


Some of the other grandparents started buying baby things as soon as Brandon and Diane shared their news, but the practical gal in me wanted to wait until I knew what they’d need. Diane recently had an ultrasound to determine the gender of the baby and it looks like a BOY!

baby clothes

I couldn’t resist buying a couple of baby outfits. Seriously, y’all: the cuteness. Earlier in the week, Diane saw some cute baby outfits but refrained from buying them because they were priced too high; I bought one of the same outfits at BJ’s for a great price!

1st purchase for my 1st grandbaby!

My first purchase for my first grandbaby was practical, but a whole lot of fun! Yep, that’s a whale on the striped shirt; I’ve warned Diane I’ll be brainwashing the kid into loving the ocean from infancy. 😉

grandbaby stuff

There’s an extra reason we like this particular brand of baby clothes. Look closely and you might get a clue what his name will be. {ahem: look at the tag}

Carter's outfit

BJ’s has a variety of brands we use and trust (like Pantene, Bounty, Charmin, and more) but the prices make it worthwhile to try new things sometimes, too. I stocked up on shampoo for all the kids, a few healthy snacks, toilet paper, and even bought a whole pineapple just because it’s fun and I know the kids will get a kick out of it.

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