Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 251 – 275

Multitude Monday
Thanking the Lord for more gifts…
251) Homeschool Support Group back in session
252) My cousin Jonnia joined above-mentioned group, too!
253) Lindsey was admitted to the homeschool hybrid academy
254) the curriculum choices for that hybrid school
255) this was a less hectic week
256) the school room is mostly cleaned/organized
257) my new desk area
258) my wall of inspiration!
259) Tina’s baby Garrett arrived safe & sound (born Thursday!)
260) some decisions made
261) Ken had some guy-time with Brandon this week (while working on Brandon’s truck)
262) Lindsey is deepening more good friendships
263) Kathryn is back to blogging (here), and is doing good so far!
264) my favorite Bible is starting to look a little worn 🙂
265) I have a favorite Bible
266) being able to do NILMDTS, even though I wish there was never a need
267) Brandon
268) Lindsey
269) Kathryn
(I know I’ve listed “my children” before, but after doing three infant bereavement sessions in less than a week and a half, I think they deserve listing again individually.)
270) new school supplies
271) first mother-daughter coffee/chat/Bible-study with Lindsey (just us two)
272) Lindsey and I “coincidental” (aka “God-arranged”) meeting a stranger who is very interested in adopting an older child (as we were leaving Starbucks in #271)
273) fun finds while antiquing with my mom (see previous post)
274) resisting other fun antique finds
275) Lindsey & Deanna living just two miles apart