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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 276 – 300

one thousand giftsOops! I had so much planning and stuff to do to prepare for this week (our first school week) that I totally forgot to do my 1000-gifts post! So here it is, just a little late…

276) compliments about my kids
277) an instant friend to make Lindsey feel welcome at the new school
278) Deanna is recovered from her yucky illness (last week).
279) Deanna and her new mom grew closer during her hospital stay.
280) It looks like we’ll be staying in this house.
281) We found the leak under our bathroom sink no long after it started, before it did any permanent damage.
282) Ken has been doing great with starting a jogging routine — despite the wicked heat & humidity.
283) Kathryn had a chance to play with puppies last Friday.
284) a little breakthrough in my relationship with Lindsey
285) an organized junk drawer 🙂
286) a too-infrequent visit from my dad


287) dinner with my new/old friend Meagan and her family
288) Dad is seeking the medical help he needs for an ongoing health issue.
289) We were able to get Lindsey’s school uniform shirts in time.
290) Everyone had a good first day of school.
291) We have such a good space in our home to do school!
292) My new JoTotes camera bag! Could it be any cuter? (Actually, I almost bought it in a brighter color, but I don’t want it to stand out like a neon sign if I happen to be in the background of a reception shot at a wedding! That’s the ONLY way it could be cuter!)

293) My cousin and his fiance are coming to (and liking) an engaged-couples Sunday School class at our church.
294) a working printer in my desk area
295) I’m doing better at planning/organizing school ahead of time.
296) my mom’s thoughtful little back-to-school gifts for the girls
297) the ideas in our Polishing Cornerstones book, which we will start using soon!
298) Kathryn has “moved up” at church and now joins the rest of us for worship. 🙂
299) The blessing of provision for being able to barter (rather than spend $100+) for the graphing calculator Lindsey will need for school.
300) the times when facebook is used for good — like in #299!

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So glad the first day of school went so well for everyone. What a wonderful list of things to be thankful for (looking forward to reading more about your house.)


Jamie: I look forward to your Gifts posts. I didn’t start reading your blog until after you began this series, so I’m not sure what sparked it or anything, but it is really neat to be reminded to give thanks for the little things in our daily lives. I love it. 🙂


I tried keeping a gratitude list on my blog as a list but kept forgetting to update it. I assume you update yours every Monday? I really like that idea! Reflecting on the positives puts everything in perspective for me.