My grandbaby Carter’s newborn photos!

Last week, on Carter’s two-week birthday, I came out of baby photographer retirement to do a little newborn session here at our house. Honestly, it was a crazy day all around but good, too. It was Labor Day; Ken was headed out of town; Brandon and Diane were moving (yes moving, with a two-week old!); and we had a showing of our house scheduled right after Carter’s session.

Just regular ol’ life. Because we’re all a little nutty around here.

I know, I know. “Skip the boring stuff and get to the cute,” you say. Okay. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. This much adorableness is not for the faint of heart.

Carter John, two weeks old

Seriously, this boy is just a hunky chunk of l-o-v-e.
I can’t even stand it.
Also, he’s a gooooooood sleeper.

Carter newborn photo collage

So there you have it. Proof I have the THE most adorable grandbaby EVER.