Grapevine Bible Studies Curriculum Review

Grapevine Bible Study Curriculum Review

Stick-figuring through the Bible:

We reviewed Grapevine’s Esther study. A description from the publisher:

Travel back in time with your children and teens as they study the book of Esther. Bible students will begin in the ancient Persian Empire, as King Ahasuersus banishes Queen Vashti and begins a search for a new queen. Watch as a beautiful young Jewish woman named Esther becomes the new queen. Learn how God used the courage of Esther to save her people from an evil plot to kill them all. Discover how God used the creativity of Mordecai and Queen Esther to defend the Jews from Haman’s destruction. Finally, teach your students how the celebration of Purim became a yearly holiday!

Multi-level Bible study curriculum for ages 7 and up.

You can break this study up into nine weekly lessons, or 32 daily lessons.

Our family hasn’t completed the entire study, but we’ve all enjoyed what we’ve done so far. Esther is Kathryn’s favorite book of the Bible, so she was extra-eager to do this study. The girls drew their stick people on the timeline that comes with the study.



Even Ken got in on the stick-figuring fun. He snagged my dry-erase board to draw while I took pictures. It’s fun to draw this way because with stick people, there’s no pressure to get it perfect!


Engages multiple learning styles.

Lindsey is not as familiar with the book of Esther as Kathryn is, so she had many questions as we went through this study. I believe doing the drawings as we went really helped her grasp the story in a way she wouldn’t have just reading it herself or hearing it aloud. Studying this way engages visual, auditory, and even kinesthetic learning styles. And it’s not boring!

Kathryn knew the story well; she’s read it countless times. But she had great fun stick-figuring along, and I know she’d enjoy studies on other books of the Bible as well.

Ebook option is economical and handy.

I received the electronic version to review. I do not enjoy printing everything out, so at first I thought I’d prefer the physical version to save me time and printer ink — but once I figured out how to have the ebook on my iPad, I could refer to teacher pages without printing them or running back and forth from my computer, and then printed only the pages we actually needed to draw on. This would be even easier if you use a laptop computer.

The ebook version is lower priced than the physical version and there is no shipping to pay for, so it’s a very economical option!

Try a free sample lesson!

Grapevine offers a variety of sample lessons to try before you buy, so you can see how they work for your family.

**Disclosure: I received this Bible study at no cost in exchange for using and reviewing this product. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own, and I was not required to post a positive review.