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Happy fitiversary to me!

Today is my fitiversary. (Yep, that’s a made up word.)

I define my fitiversary as the day I began my fitness journey in earnest. I’d worked out on and off over the years, but then my schedule would change or I’d get sick or injured and out of my routine and never start back. Or the friends I was going to exercise class with would stop going so I would too. But four years ago, that changed. And of course I blogged about it: Stronger in 2015.

Why did I finally make this commitment four years ago? In short, stress was wreaking havoc on me and I determined not to let that continue. For my own sake and for my family’s sake.

fit and strong at 45

Me vs. Me

My transformation may not look dramatic on the outside, but I have more muscle, better coordination and body awareness, and I’m STRONGER and feel better than ever. I bounced back well from my hysterectomy this summer, and I’m continuing to set — and achieve — new strength goals. I’m proud of myself!

In these past four years, I became a personal trainer and worked with a variety of clients; became a certified distance-running coach and ran four half-marathons; became certified as a SilverSneakers instructor and built a delightful class I teach three days each week for active senior adults. Just today, one of my regular attendees came up to me and said she’d just had her bone density test this week and it was great; she said she wanted to thank me for all I’ve done to help her get those good results. I high-fived her and refrained from getting teary-eyed while talking to her because I am a total sap and because I am so blessed by what I get to do.

A few of my class folks made sure I wasn’t the only one dressing up for Halloween merriment!
fitness class fun

Since this time last year, I earned my certification as a Pre- and Post-Natal fitness coach, and as a nutrition coach. I’m always working on learning more I can apply to myself and to help my clients, and I already have my eye on two more physically demanding certifications for 2019.

I say all this for two main points:

1- to celebrate my own hard work
2- to encourage you to start something today that your future self will thank you for.

It doesn’t have to be all at once; you don’t have to make drastic changes. Pick something small, one habit to develop or change, and work towards that one. Define your WHY and remind yourself often. My little mantra in the beginning, to get motivated to do my workout for the day was, “less pain, less stress, more energy.” I had to say it to myself to get out of bed in the morning. Once it started becoming true, I didn’t have to say it so often. Now it’s a way of life, as is healthier eating, and better self care overall.

For decades, I was about as wimpy as they come, with constant back and neck pain, plus asthma to make things extra challenging… so I say if I can do it, you can do it.

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